10 Healthy Bacon Recipes (Yes, Bacon!)

Could it be true? Healthy bacon dishes? Yes!

We guarantee, “bacon” is not a curse word among dietitians! As lovers of terrific tasting food, we know that bacon is among the foods which contains amino acids that produce the tasty umami taste that makes bacon so irresistible.

So, how is it possible to be a bacon-lover while watching your midsection or trying to eat a healthy diet plan? The secret is to use bacon tactically in your cooking– as a topping, garnish or taste enhancer. A small amount of bacon will certainly go a long means towards improving the flavor profile of your dish without compromising the dietary merit– particularly when the other ingredients are entire grains, lean proteins, and vegetables.

See for yourself with one of these 10 healthy bacon dishes …


Pan-Roasted Chicken with Bacon and Brussels Sprouts

This dish teems with flavor and everything gets tossed into one pan … a bonus offer since fast preparation and clean-up mean it’s easy enough for a weeknight dinner.


Broccoli, Apple and Almond Salad with Crumbled Bacon, nutrition

Broccoli, Apple and Almond Salad with Crumbled Bacon

The addition of crunchy bacon makes this salad feel decadent– although the broccoli, apple, and almonds make it loaded with fiber and quite healthful. This salad would take a trip well as a jam-packed lunch.


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Cinnamon-Roasted Sugary food Potatoes with Bacon

The best side dish for a fall meal, the mouthwatering bacon complements the natural sweetness of the roasted sweet potatoes in this dish. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of unprocessed carbs, in addition to vitamins A and C. Keep the skin on for additional fiber!


Cold Avocado Soup with Sweet Corn and Bacon, womens diet

Cold Avocado Soup with Sweet Corn and Bacon

Blended avocado makes this soup creamy and velvety– and simply the right base for chunky toppings like corn, jalapenos, and bacon.


Bacon, Apple, and Cheddar Frittata, health foods

Bacon, Apple, and Cheddar Frittata

Bacon-egg-and-cheese is among those combinations that’s considered “classic” for a reason– it’s scrumptious! By avoiding the cream or crème fraiche that’s typically used in frittatas and including sliced apples, this recipe is a healthier version and a twist on the traditional taste combination. Cut it into squares and wrap them up for pre-portioned convenience throughout the week.


Quick Mustard Greens with Bacon, weight loss

Quick Mustard Greens with Bacon

Mustard environment-friendlies are much more nutrient-dense than the normal side salad, but they tend to taste somewhat bitter. With this dish, the fat in the bacon mellows out the bitterness, producing a flavorful, well balanced dish that’s low in calories and high in antioxidants … no salad dressing required!


Smoky Kale and Bean Soup with Bacon, diet

Smoky Kale and Bean Soup with Bacon

Smoked paprika and 2 slices of bacon provide the best smokiness to this soup. When the temperature outside starts to drop, there’s no have to turn to heavy, home cooking– this homemade soup feels cozy and rewarding, while still supplying excellent nutrition from the vegetables and beans.


Bacon Wrapped Caramelized Sesame Asparagus, nutrition

Bacon Wrapped Caramelized Sesame Asparagus

With such wonderful visual appeal– each package of asparagus (or green beans!) gets its own untainted strip of bacon– this recipe would work well as a sophisticated appetizer or side dish.


BLT Salad with Avocado and Healthy Ranch Dressing, mens diet

BLT Salad with Avocado and Healthy Ranch Dressing

If you’re trying to lose a few pounds, or even simply maintain a healthy weight, you might think there’s no room in your diet for the BLT you’re craving. The two pieces of bread slathered with mayo make the original high in calories and fat, however ditch those 2 ingredients, pump up the L&T with some green onions and avocado, and all of an abrupt, you can satisfy your craving without entirely indulging.


Quinoa Salad with Bacon and Honey Lemon Vinaigrette, womens diet

Quinoa Salad with Bacon and Honey Lemon Vinaigrette

Crumbled bacon pairs well with the fresh herbs in this protein-packed quinoa salad. This is a terrific make-ahead dish due to the fact that the salad takes in the dressing and ends up being much more flavorful after a day or more in the fridge.

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