10 Sweet Potato Desserts So Good That You'll Forget You Ever Thought They Were Just A Side Dish

Bet you read this title and thought there was a typo. A sweet potato, for dessert? That’s crazy! Believe me, I believed so too. Up until I just recently had the most terrific sweet potato dessert and reassessed my entire life. Then, after that, I recognized I had to share my discovery with you, my dear reader. So I did some extensive research and discovered 10 remarkable dishes that you can try today (or tomorrow, no rush).

But prior to you begin reading/drooling, I’ll throw some nutritional fun realities at you. The sort of realities that will make you seem like you’re doing your body a favor by eating these. Did you understand they are loaded with vitamins A and C. In addition to that, they’re a great source of manganese, potassium and fiber. Okay, that’s it, science lesson over. Now enjoy!

Do note though that the images are not from the precise dish, however they’re close adequate to provide you a concept of what you will make.

1.  Sweet Potato Pie

sweet potato pie, diet

Sweeter than potato pie. That’s a saying right? Well, if it’s not – it needs to be.

2. Vegan Sugary food Potato Casserole

sweet potato casserole, nutrition

This dish is vegan friendly and will certainly bring you back to those simple times. You know, when you enjoyed fulfilling your household for dinner.

3.  Sweet Potato Brownies

sweet potato brownie, mens diet

Who knew that you might make brownies from sweet potatoes ?? I do not ask concerns, I’m simply grateful that somebody was genius enough to pull this off.

4. Dessert Stuffed Sugary food Potatoes

sweet potato brown sugar, womens diet

Because supper must actually simply be dessert.

5. Sweet Potato Fries With Vanilla Icing

sweet potato fries with vanilla frosting, health foods

French fries for dessert?! What is this world pertaining to ?? A much better question is, why am I not eating these RIGHT NOW?

6.  Sweet Potato Ice Cream

sweet potato ice cream, weight loss

Lie to me. Lie to me and tell me this is healthy so I can eat a pint of it like Ben & Jerry’s.

7.  Sweet Potato Cookies

sweet potato cookies, diet

If this doesn’t bring your inner kid out then I have failed at my task. They are likewise paleo.

8.  Sweet Potato Latte

sweet potato latte, nutrition

I can hear my granny’s voice now on Thanksgiving, “Does any person want a cup of coffee?” After your next meal with loved ones try this excellent recipe for a sweet potato latte. Because not all coffee has to be pumpkin spiced.

9. Sweet Potato Bourbon Cupcakes

sweet potato cupcakes, mens diet

Bourbon and cupcakes. My heart has been taken. This is going to be tough to discuss to my girlfriend.

10.  Sweet Potato Cocktail

sweet potato cocktail, womens diet

You knew this one was coming. On occasion we all delight in a nice drink throughout this time of year. This dish consists of the tastes of autumn so you can drink the holidays away. Cheers.