13 Alternative Apple Pie Recipes, Because Your Grandma's Recipe Is So Last Week

With all this talk of pumpkin spice everything lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about pie in my leisure time. And, of course, given that I’m American and I take pleasure in things like flexibility, I instantly consider the dessert that finest embodies my nationalism: apple pie. But in some cases I like my flexibility to come in various packages, you understand, other than the standard apple pie one that it generally can be found in. Likewise, a note to all use pie purveyors: you might want to begin marketing your product as ‘freedom in a pie tin,’ since you ‘d probably make even more money. Just saying.

But as I was stating, while standard apple pie is genuinely wonderful, I like to blend things up with baking, and you probably do too. Due to the fact that I feel like we’re kindred, here are 13 alternative apple pie dishes for you to attempt with all those apples you have on hand, due to the fact that in case you didn’t understand, Fall is apple picking season.

1. Easy Baked Apple Pie Apples

baked apple, weight loss

These baked apple pie apples are Pinterest-worthy it’s not even reasonable. Also, you do not have to worry about peeling millions of apples, because everything is baked inside a cored apple! Waste not, desire not, am I right?

2. Caramel Apple Crumble Pie


It’s like a caramel apple in pie type, so you can take pleasure in the tastes you enjoy without mistakenly gnawing on a popsicle stick each time you attempt to take a bite. I understand I’m the only one who has that concern.

3. Baked Apple Cups

baked apple cups, nutrition

It’s like a pie, however cute and pocket-sized, and you will not seem like you’re eating an entire pie when you have six of them in one sitting! It’s a win-win for everyone.

4. Apple Pie Pops

apple pie pops, mens diet

Ok, so keep in mind when I stated I had issues about mistakenly gnawing down on a popsicle stick? Well, I would take that risk for these apple pie pops. Due to the fact that they’re best and that incredible cinnamon/sugar glimmer is really persuasive.

5. Apple Streusel Shortbread Bars

apple shortbread bars, womens diet

If you’re a fan of apple streusel, then this dish is for you. What I love most about it is that when I’m too excited to go get a fork and plate, I can consume this with my hands! It’s all the apple pie taste in a nice, hand-sized bite.

6. Apple Pie with Peanut Butter Crumb Topping

apple pie peanut butter crumb topping, health foods

I have actually made this specific dish prior to, and believe me when I state it is among the most remarkable apple pie recipes I have actually ever had. It tastes similar to everybody’s favorite after school treat: apples and peanut butter! Personally I make it with more peanut butter than the recipe suggests since I like to live on the wild side, however sticking to the dish is never ever the wrong move.

7. Apple Pie Parfait

apple pie parfait, weight loss

I actually like this concept for a small gathering with good friends or a bridal shower or something like that. They’re so much cuter than a cumbersome pie, and they’ll choose pretty much any type of design. That is, if you’re worried about how your food looks with your decor.

8. Apple Dumpling Cinnamon Rolls


For all the vegans out there, this recipe is for you. It’s all your favorite things wrapped up into one: dumplings, cinnamon rolls, apples, and pie! I also enjoy that it’s an open-faced dessert, primarily since I prefer to see what I have to do with shove into my face as well as due to the fact that it would probably get MANY likes on Instagram.

9. Apple Pie Bites

apple pie bites, nutrition

So I kinda love these since they remind of those packaged apple pieces with caramel dipping sauce that they utilized to offer in my elementary school cafeteria prior to everyone got weirdly health aware. Which’s a sufficient reason for me.

10. Fried Apple Pie

fried apple pie, mens diet

Everything is better when it’s fried. Just take a look at the melty gooey-ness in the middle. LOOK AT IT.

11. Apple Pie Smoothie

apple pie smoothie, womens diet

I always state the only thing much better than consuming an apple pie is consuming one. And by constantly I suggest just when. And that one time was just now.

12. Apple Pie Cookies

apple pie cookies, health foods

I’m consumed with these. They’re generally filled cookies, however they appear like little mini pies. They’re a little bit lengthy to make since of all the detail that goes into them, however the result is entirely worth the work.

13. Mason Jar Apple Pies

weight loss

Because hipsters love apple pie, too.

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