5 Healthier breakfast options

Written by Kara Fleck, Simple Children editor and Rockin’ Granola mama.

So last week I declared the end of our household’s frozen waffles for morning meal rut. To name a few things, in 2013 I provided myself a objective of making a healthier morning meal every day, leaving the boxed frozen waffles in the freezer and the cold grain on the rack.

Last weekend I asked for the assistance of Simple Kids readers, taking the conversation over to facebook where, every early morning, I examined in with what we’d for morning meal. No fancy difficulty or anything like that, just simply examining in each early morning and reporting on what our children had for breakfast on the facebook page. It was excellent! You men truly encouraged me. Thank you!

This early morning I am back with a wrap-up of our week and 5 healthier breakfast ideas for children.

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Monday: Parfaits

Here’s the fact: when they boiled down to morning meal among the first things my kids did was ask me where our usual boxed waffles were. Nonetheless, thanks to some jelly glasses and the novelty of a rather layered parfait for breakfast (‘much like dessert, mama’) I was able to gain them over and get something nutritious in them to start the day. Two of my kiddos even picked seconds.

Our morning meal parfaits were layered with:

  • Greek yogurt
  • pecan maple granola
  • sliced bananas
  • frozen blueberries

One thing I did notice was that everybody seemed starving once again an hour later. While I don’t mind a hobbit’s serving of 2nd breakfast, next time I’ll serve larger parts than jelly jar sized to keep stomaches complete till morning treat time.

Overall, everybody delighted in these and they were pretty simple to create – perfect for a Monday morning.

Tuesday: Banana Walnut Muffins

On Tuesday, I served banana walnut muffins together with apple cider. The dish I utilized was a variation on Katie Kimball’s Pumpkin muffin dish from Healthy Snacks to Go (which you can now get in paperback from Amazon in addition to the ebook variation).

The morning did not go exactly as prepared and the prep took a bit longer due to the fact that I’d two little very early bird helpers up with me, which constantly adds some time to food preparation. But while they were baking your house smelled so tasty and it was nice to invest the peaceful first blush hours with my 17 month old and 4 year old prior to the rest of the family was awake and the day formally began.

It was a nice incentive to be able to pack some fresh-baked muffins into my husband’s lunchbox, too.

Max, my six years, wasn’t impressed and made himself a pb ‘n’ j for breakfast however later his curiosity got the improve of him and he asked to try one and wound up liking them, although he did request that next time I leave out the walnuts. I am confident that with a little trial and error I’ll find a muffin combination that’ll please all of my children.

Another successful breakfast.

Wednesday: Leftovers and eggs

Yes, that’s right:  on Wednesday I served leftovers for breakfast.

We’d potato, green spinach, and portabello mushrooms for supper the night before and in the early morning I reheated them with a couple of rushed eggs, grated a bit of cheddar over the top, and offered the kids the option to cover it in a tortilla as a kind of breakfast burrito. I added some salsa to my own.

It mightn’t have been the prettiest thing to look at, but it was warm, filling, and it was eaten up immediately by my hungry crew, who did not appear to mind that it was just a variation on what they’d had for supper the evening before.

It was delicious and fun, if I do state so myself. It took about fifteen minutes to pull together a serving for everybody, but that’s still relatively quick for a mid-week morning meal. I think there are probably a variety of leftover options that this scurried egg addition would work well with, too.

Thursday: Oatmeal and a toppings bar

We chose an old stand-by for breakfast on Thursday: oatmeal with your selection of chopped apples, honey, walnuts, raisins, and sliced bananas for toppings. I sprayed a bit of cinnamon ahead, too. This is an attempted and real morning meal for us, one that I know my entire family delights in.

Oatmeal is fairly simple, not too time consuming, and warming on a cold day. And, of course, the variety of toppings makes all the difference when serving oatmeal to fussy kids for breakfast. The more the merrier!

Friday: In a hurry!

Friday wound up being an insane morning. A late start and a busy day implied we were in a hurry and I was extremely tempted to grab something easy and pre-made.  So I did!  I grabbed a few slices of homemade bread, topped it with butter, sliced up some cheddar cheese, and a few kiwis. Ta da! It hadn’t been elegant, but also morning meal was served and in under 5 mins.

Full disclosure: Max consumed pizza leftover from the evening before – are you seeing that the decenter is typically the same character in this little morning meal legend? Ha ha!  Considering that it was essentially bread with cheese and a veggie based sauce, I decided that was absolutely fine.

And, we made it!  5 healthier week day breakfasts: mission accomplished.

On Saturday, I was yearning comfort food, so I made a huge set of very cinnamon rolls with additional icing. The irony of doing this after a week where I was pursuing a healthy morning meal wasn’t lost of me, but I chose that a when a week splurge was appropriate.

A few breakfast conclusions…

I learned from last week that busy early mornings and unforeseen occasions are just going to happen, even in the most well planned week, so I should prepare for them. Keeping that in mind, I have chosen to search for a homemade waffle recipe that I can whip up a big set of to freeze. Hmmmm, I wonder if my friend Aimee can help me out with that?

I also learned that a little grumbling when I make changes to their usual menu is to be expected, however I am not going to let the occasional lament for candy-coated children grain (that’s neither fortunate nor lovely) or that yellow box of freezer waffles keep me from my goal of offering my family healthier morning meal choices in 2013.

This week taught me that it’s occasionally a great idea to let the kids make their own breakfast if they don’t like what I am serving. I am still making just one meal, they get a little freedom in the kitchen area, and as long as there are a lot of healthy options, everybody winds up delighted.

To do going forward:

I think I can keep going, now that we have gotten off to such a good beginning in the breakfast department, and I think I can even add some concepts in to make mornings even healthier.

A few mini-goals:

  • make a batch of waffles from scratch to keep in the freezer for ‘in a rush’ mornings
  • make homemade granola
  • make homemade tortillas
  • try a healthy version of a breakfast cookie
  • allow my kids, specifically my son who oftens be on the fussy side when it comes to morning meal, more self-reliance in the kitchen and work with them to plan and offer morning meal choices that they can prepare themselves
  • prepare a breakfast meal prepare the exact same method I plan for dinners throughout the week
  • let Saturdays be a slightly sweeter day in a week of healthy eating

Thank you to all you who took part on facebook and on Instagram last week with your morning meal support! I really appreciated your input and you assisted me remain on track with my objectives for the week.

And, pals? I feel it must be said that if you’re presently in a toaster waffles and cold grain period of life, as I’ve discovered myself lots of, many times, please know that there’s no should find yourself feeling guilty, all right? All of us do what we’ve to do and there are definitely larger things in life to bother with than a couple of shortcuts in the kitchen area. Be gentle on yourselves.

What’re a few of you favored healthy breakfast concepts for kids? How do you deal with the first blush rush and get the day off to a healthy start?