8 Group Costume Ideas for Health-Obsessed Friends On Halloween

There are formally 38 days until Halloween is upon us all. The pop-up costume shops are getting ready for the insanity. The texts from your friends are flooding in – “Hi there, what are we doing for Halloween?” And the stress is developing. Well do not worry. I’m right here to stop the anxiety and supply you with a list of costume concepts. Not simply any outfit ideas, however group costume ideas for all your health-obsessed good friends. Since dressing hot is for individuals who can not pronounce quinoa.

1.  Crossfitters

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The gist: You want your Halloween costume to shriek, “I’m healthy, yet very frightening!” So exactly what better means to do that than gown like a group of people covered in tribal tattoos who toss Olympic bars like Q-Tips. Enormous quantities of burpees are needed in order to use this costume.

How to pull it off: Virtually too simple. Use what you would use to crossfit. Then get killer abs. No not from exercising! By devising. Look into this tutorial for how to do that.

2. Peanut Butter and Jelly

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The gist: A timeless that’s been filling kids’s lunchboxes for years. You get brownie points if somebody wants to dress as a banana in order to make it an “Elvis sandwich.”

How to pull it off: Buy big quantities of industrial size peanut butter jars from Costco and get spreading. Or, make your life simple and attempt this outfit.

3. A Juice Cleanse Kit

juice makes me happy, diet

The gist: This might be my preferred from them all. I know you have actually seen the pretty colored juice bottles in the refrigerated isle of Whole Foods. And I provide you’ll win your costume contest with this idea. If you make it that far before pissing off somebody who’s still getting over her juice clean.

How to pull it off: You and a couple of buddies simply need colored t-shirts and matching hats. Any colors work. Well other than cashew milk – not sure exactly what color that’s supposed to be.

4. Richard Simmons and His Background Exercisers

richard simmons, nutrition

The gist: Sweatin’ to the oldies. Get your pals on board with this one and finally put each one of those 80’s exercise clothes to use. Just remember, someone has to in fact be Richard Simmons and I’m sure you currently have that exact buddy in mind.

How to pull it off: This is simple. Your moms and dads most likely still have their old fitness center garments in the closet.

5.  Food

The gist: Get creative with this one. You can be grapes, cheese and wine. Or how about broccoli, cauliflower, and cucumbers? A good little crudite plate?

How to pull it off: You identify what, simply be lazy and purchase this one. My individual selection would be the carrot, celery, and funky chicken costume. It’s soup… My jokes aren’t funny if I need to describe them.

6.  A Yoga Class

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The gist: Gown up as zombies to include a nice twist to the concept. Versatile zombies of course.

How to pull it off: Here’s your possibility to put on those Lululemon pants you paid too much for. Make sure you carry your bloody yoga bricks and foam rollers to truly buy it.

7.  Sushi

The gist: California roll anybody? Sushi is among my favorite foods and when eaten in small amounts it can be an extremely healthy supper selection. Apparently it’s a pretty remarkable Halloween outfit as well. Do not forget the chopsticks.

How to pull it off: Unless you want to look like Samantha from Sex and the City, I suggest checking out these concepts.

8. The Greatest Loser (Before and After)

biggest loser ugly cry, womens diet

The gist: I personally like this program and think the outfit is pretty easy to get together. Because nothing says you’re consumed with health like losing 40 pounds in one week.

How to pull it off: Purchase truly big trousers. Spend the entire night holding them out. Also, purchase this shirt.