9 Weirdest Lollipop Flavors


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By now, you are most likely privy to the new, vegan, breast milk flavored lollipops (if not: Welcome to the internet– I think you are going to like it right here!). Sweet company Lollyphile’s latest confection has a warning that the sweet “won’t rejuvenate youth memory, they’ll raise animal instinct.’

Instinctually? This makes me wish to spew. Breast milk is all well and good, but it’s for babies. Call me judgmental (because I am), but grownups that enjoy breast milk must most likely grow up.

What’s even more uncomfortable is that these lollipops are vegan, so breast milk enthusiast’s are not even getting the pure-shit. This is artificial breast milk merely seasoned like genuine thing. I state if you are freaky-deaky sufficient to indulge this taboo yearning, why not get it straight from the source?

Breast milk is probably the weirdest lollipop flavor conceivable, however we managed to find 8 various other strange lollipop tastes … click through if you can stomach it.