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Whatever the cases detailed on the packaging label snack bar, beware and don’t right away think it as reality. Get to know the following facts and misconception.

1. All sorts of bars (besides Chocolate) has less calories and sugar than a chocolate bar
Fact: On the contrary. Type bar without chocolate may have higher calories since of the fat material and sugar can be higher than the chocolate.

2. Identified ‘slim’ or ‘lowered / low fat’ can be a healthy choice
Fact: Many labels don’t reflect the content. In fact, there’s an attached bar imports of nourishment info in the community language, however his statement is much various from the original dietary details. Low-fat products must’ve a fat content of less than 3 grams per 100 gram serving. Beware, offerings identified low fat typically have a greater sugar material or more dried fruit content thus creating greater calorie.

3. Dried fruits have less calories. Therefore, the snack bar that uses dried out fruit as the cornerstone would be much healthier
Fact: dried fruits from the fresh fruit that’s actually been drawn out water material. So you understand, dried out fruits include more calories than fresh fruit. For example, fresh apricot weighing 43 grams includes 12 calories while holding dried apricots weighing 40 grams includes 75 calories noted (5 times more). Dried fruit’s known as a source of fiber, however the drying out process removes most of the content of vitamin C or other nutrients contained in fresh form.

4. Better to pick the snack bar without the chocolate coating
Fact: As discussed earlier, nuts, dried fruit, honey, and the composition of fatty snack bar has actually combined more calories than a piece of chocolate chips or chocolate layer. After all, chocolate is okay as the base product since it consists of numerous healthy nutrients. It would be useful to examine how the levels of sugar, fat, and salt than the chocolate (cocoa). Similarly, the air-yogurt bar. For every 50 grams of yogurt-coated raisins, can reach 250 calories. This is the equivalent of chocolate-covered raisins. So, can not be called better, right?