All about Women and Weight Training

Women and Weight Training

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For a long time, weight training has actually been a task primarily for males. This is since of the lots of stereotyped nonsense relating to females and weightlifting. Nevertheless, in the previous 20 years, women are now turning to this task for weight-loss and attaining a remarkable body. Ladies and weightlifting are now closely related because of the different advantages of weightlifting for females.

Benefits of Weight Training for Women

Weight Training Boosts Metabolism

According to studies, weightlifting enhances the metabolic process up to 48 hours after an exercise. This implies that you’ll be burning calories at a high rate up to 2 days after a weight training exercise. This lead to faster weight-loss.

Increases and Restores Bone Density

Women and weight training ought to be inter-related because it’s among the best methods to avoid osteoporosis. Weight training increases and recovers bone density. This is essential because women’s bone density begins to reduce continually starting in their 40′s.

Increased Lean Muscle Mass

No, you won’t get big and large and appear like a ‘she-hulk’. Male and female bodybuilders use steroids to grow their muscles. Typical people don’t have adequate testosterone to expand big muscles. Nonetheless, weight training is extremely efficient in offering you that toned look that most female celebs have. Do you want to have firm arms or buttocks? Weight training can help you attain this look by targeting these muscles. Likewise, the more lean muscle you have, the even more calories you can eat without obtaining weight/fat.

Other Benefits

There are various other benefits of weight training for females such as injury prevention, lowered danger of coronary illness, help in rehabilitation, anti-depression, etc. This is why women and weight training should really be closely related.

The Perfect Weightlifting Program for Women

According to fitness specialists, the best weight training program for ladies is circuit training. This kind of training is where a set of weightlifting workouts is carried out one after another with little or no rest in between, with each exercise targeting various muscle teams. This sort of training is best due to the fact that it integrates cardio workout with weightlifting which leads to faster weight loss.

A example would be a circuit program including dumbbell squats, dumbbell bench presses, lat pulldowns, pinhead deadlifts, lunges, pinhead shoulder presses, dumbbell triceps extensions and pinhead bicep curls. It’s perfect to use a weight that only enables you to carry out an optimum of 15 repetitions. Repeat the circuit 3-5 times depending on your fitness level. Keep in mind to reduce rest between exercises in order to keep the heart rate up and to improve cardio wellness.

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