`All Day, All Night` Might Be The New Slogan For McDonald`s Breakfast Menu

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Watch out, world. If you assumed McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches could not possibly acquire any far better, reconsider: McGriddles will certainly soon be offered ALL DAY.

Oh yeah. The most recent star feud is between McDonald’s and Taco Bell’s breakfast menus. In a sure effort to victory the war, CNBC states McDonald’s is preparing to trial run an all-day morning meal menu at choose areas throughout the next month or two. That indicates mid-day– as well as night!– Egg McMuffins and Hot Cakes will soon be possible.

I’m very sure the only factor much better than morning meal for supper is McDonald’s breakfast for supper. And the only point much better than making a late night pit stop for some french fries is making a late night rest stop for some hash browns. Mmmm.

Right now, McDonald’s quits offering their breakfast menu at 10:30 am on weekdays, as well as 11am on weekends … which I see as a significant flaw. The majority of folks– besides 5-year-olds– who would certainly gain from McDonald’s morning meal do not also wake up till noon!

However, if this examination principle does well (as well as naturally it will do well, considering that it’s a brilliant idea), McDonald’s could raise their breakfast cutoff time altogether– meanings that even more cinnamon thaws, syrup as well as those lame (yet healthy and balanced?) fruit as well as natural yogurt parfaits.

According to Consumerist notes, a recent questionnaire revealed that 70 percent of Americans want dining establishments to portion morning meal 24/7, so probably we could anticipate other fast meals venues extending their breakfast menu hrs too. McDonald’s hasn’t shared where extended-hour breakfast menus will be unveiled right now, yet my fingers are crossed that a dinner of hot cakes are in your near future.