Any Fruit Contained in The Vitamin C?


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You’ve to have known that vitamin C good for our bodies to avoid influenza disease or various other diseases. This vitamin assists your body repair work tissue, and assists improve the immune system. Vitamin C is likewise needed to assist the body take in iron.

So far, understood fruit consist of high vitamin C are oranges. However the choice was more extensive. You wish to know other fruits with vitamin C that can meet your everyday needs of 75 mg?

1. Red guava
Guavas when you’re burnt out with the orange. One half cup of guavas consist of 188 mg of vitamin C and 56 calories.

2. Red pepper
The red peppers are frequently used as flavoring in food preparation likewise have vitamin C is high, ie 142 mg in 1.5 cups. So if you cook 1 cup red bell pepper in your food preparation menu, will get 116 mg of vitamin C.

3. Kiwifruit
One kiwi fruit consist of vitamin C of 70 mg and 46 calories. If you don’t such as green kiwi fruit that tastes have the tendency to be acidic, you can likewise select gold kiwifruit (brownish yellow) that tastes sweet.

4. Sunkist Oranges
Sized Sunkist orange has vitamin C content of 70 mg. If you enjoy to consume juice, 3 / 4 cup Sunkist orange juice includes 61-93 mg of vitamin C (depending on consistency).

5. Green pepper
Half cup green bell pepper contains 60 mg of vitamin C. But when it processed the food, vitamin C levels would be reduced to 51 mg.

6. Wine
The wine had a content of vitamin C which is practically the same as green peppers, particularly 50-70 mg of vitamin C in 3 / 4 cup.

7. Tomato juice
Serves 3 / 4 cup tomato juice including 50 mg of vitamin C.

8. Strawberry
Besides vitamin C, strawberries are rich in fiber and anti-oxidants. Serves 1 / 2 cup of strawberries consists of 49 mg of vitamin C.

9. Red melon
One red melon medium including vitamin C as much as 47 mg.

10. Mini mustard
These veggies are less popular, but extremely simple to discover in grocery stores. These veggies include 48 mg of vitamin C.