Beware Of Quarrels In Eating Watermelon To Lose Weight

Watermelon is sweet and juicy, so it’s very appropriate to eat in summer. Lots of women think about eating watermelons to lose weight, nevertheless, they’ve some misconceptions in it. If they couldn’t correct these misunderstandings, they’ll attain the contrary results.

Watermelons can not be regarded as meals. Although even more than 94 % of watermelon is water, its sugar content is likewise rather high. Watermelon with regular sweetness includes 5 % of sugar, so it’ll bring greater calories and its calorie is 250 kcal / kg. That’s to say, if you consume a large watermelon about four to five kilograms every day, it equates to that you absorb 1000 to 1250 kcal. The typical rice calories we absorb every meal have to do with 200 kcal. Eating one watermelon equals to eating five to six bowls of rice.

In addition, the watermelon is a cold fruit and it’s much easier to hurt stomach and spleen if we consume excessive. People with spleen insufficiency, indigestion and loosened stool ought to particularly consume less, or it’ll lead to bloating, diarrhea and loss of appetite. The huge amount of water included in watermelon will dilute the gastric juice, triggering indigestion and decreased immunity of gastrointestinal tract.


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Second, don’t eat excessive watermelon prior to going to sleep. Watermelon is rich in sugar, and if it’s eaten excessive before going to sleep at night, it’ll increase the hormone insulin amount and promote fat synthesis. The recently synthesized fat body is mainly saved in the abdomen. The workout at night decreases, so the fat will be saved without consumption.

Third, watermelon couldn’t be used to change three meals every day. Although there are many perks of watermelon, it’s fairly simple in nutrients, which only consists of a little quantity of protein and fiber and the rests are all sugar and water. Typical metabolic rate of the body every day needs a lot of protein and a range of nutrients, so it isn’t proper to eat watermelon rather of 3 meals a day to burn fat.


Here are 3 ideas in eating watermelons:

Eat less the middle flesh with high sugar content and you can pick the part near watermelon peel, in summer season, watermelon peel might be made use of to prepare meals which benefit skins and weight loss, you can consume watermelon rather of part of staple food. For instance, you can consume watermelon and lean meat, veggies, sweet potatoes and so on.

In a word, the appropriate techniques of eating watermelon are practical to reduce weight. We need to try to stay clear of the errors in eating watermelon and make our diet more balanced.

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