Budget Meals for a Crowd

Social celebrations are a mix of laughter, love and excellent vibes from friends and family. If you are the one in charge of food preparation for those loved ones, you could also have a tight budget plan and stiff timespan. Often, meal dilemmas for a crowd can be fixed by recommending a dinner, where each person contributes a dish. If a dinner is out of the question, you still have a lot of budget-friendly meals to pick from that’ll feed a crowd.


Barbecuing is a fast, healthy way to cook a huge quantity of food, weather and conditions permitting. Avoid steak or fish and instead choose less-expensive choices such as hot dogs and hamburgers. Grill up a handful of veggie hamburgers or carrot canines for vegetarians in the crowd. To make a carrot dog, merely cook a whole, peeled and pre-steamed carrot on the grill until it’s heated up with. Serve it on a hotdog bun with onions, mustard and ketchup. Accompany your main courses with budget-friendly sides such as pasta salad experienced with Italian dressing or sliced watermelon.


Depending on the size of your crowd, a baked casserole could be an appropriate meal option. Casseroles don’t need side dishes, can be made with a variety of economical active ingredients and are frequently basic to prepare. For a problem-free dish, use canned meat, such as tuna or chicken. If you’ve the time, you may choose to rather include browned burger meat, prepared smoked sausage or a similar meat. Mix prepared pasta or rice with your meat of selection, vegetables and spices. There are likewise plenty of vegetarian dishes, such as lasagna or a zucchini and rice bake, that are healthy and extremely low-cost.

Slow Cooker

If you are serving a moderately little crowd of 8 or 9 individuals, you can prepare a square meal in a slow cooker. If the group is larger, you may still utilize the sluggish cooker to produce a simple side dish, such as baked beans. Chili and stew recipes work well for crowds due to the fact that they are simple to tailor to fit budget plan and dietary choices. Begin with a base of canned diced tomatoes and tomato sauce. Include the meat of your option or leave the meat out for a vegetarian dish. Include extra components such as beans, vegetables, garlic, hot sauce and other spices. Serve the stew or chili with a side of garlic bread or cornbread.

No-Cook Meals

Simplify your life by serving a meal that does not need any food preparation. If you do not mind a bit of slicing and dicing, you can quickly prepare a self-serve buffet for starving guests. Slice up a large quantity of iceberg lettuce, and if your budget plan allows, some nutritious eco-friendlies. Offer toppings such as diced tomatoes, grated cheese, sliced carrots and chopped onions. Depending on your place and the season, there may be a lot of added affordable produce to serve with the salad. Other no-cook meal choices include gazpacho, a soup of cold, processed produce, and bean salads.