Can Diet Drinks Cause Weight Gain?

Diet drinks may lead to weight gain, according to study carried out by The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. The even more diet beverages you consume on a regular basis, the more likely you may be to put on weight. The relationship in between diet plan sodas, weight gain and the development of weight problems is stronger than the connection between a constant usage of regular sodas and weight gain.


Anything that enters your belly apart from water causes your belly to produce acids that could enhance your sense of hunger and cause you to consume more, as reported by CBS You could be at greater threat for weight gain if you think you’re at liberty to consume more high-calorie foods due to the fact that of the calories you save by consuming diet plan drinks.


If you’re a middle-aged adult and consume one or more diet sodas every day, you’ve a 48 percent opportunity of establishing an increased waist circumference, a danger element connected with weight problems, type 2 diabetes and hypertension, as released by The American Heart Association. This risk is greater than the threat reported by consuming a couple of routine soft drinks daily.

Metabolic Effects

It’s possible that when you taste something sweet, your body expects additional calories. This might trigger you to eat way too much when you drink diet plan beverages, as reported by Purdue. Sweet drinks trigger your metabolic process to increase in order to begin burning calories. Diet drinks do not have the exact same impact on your metabolic rate. If you consume diet drinks and eat even more, you’ll have the tendency to gain weight, not just because you’re consuming more but also since your metabolic rate is slower.


Diet beverages sweetened with either aspartame or saccharin might trigger you to eat more, according to The American Diabetes Association. Rather than switching over to sugary beverages, attempt drinking water with a twist of lemon, sparkling water with a dashboard of added fruit juice, black or green tea.