Can I Use Alli Occasionally When I Eat Fat?

Alli is an over-the-counter diet aid that might assist you slim down by limiting the quantity of fat your body takes in after a meal. The plan needs you to limit your fat intake, however some people manage to efficiently lower the amount of fat in each meal. In such cases you couldn’t need to take all the advised dosages of Alli, and, as you reduce weight, you’ll obtain self-confidence in your own healthy eating practices.


The Alli program recommends taking Alli one hour prior to a meal that contains around 15 g of fat. If you eat fat-free meals, you’ll certainly not need to take a dose of Alli, however if you take Alli with a fat-free meal, you need to not experience any side effects.


If you eat generally fat-free or low-fat meals, you shouldn’t utilize Alli as an excuse to eat huge amounts of fatty foods. In reality, if you use Alli prior to eating a meal with more than 15g of fat, you might experience gas and oily identifying, along with abdominal cramping and looseness of the bowels. To stay clear of these therapy results, keep your fat usage around the recommended fat consumption per meal.

Dietary Choices

Part of the Alli program is to encourage you to eat healthy, low-fat meals, and if you consistently consume in this manner, you may discover that you don’t have to make use of Alli. Remember that you ought to not utilize Alli to ‘cheat,’ because a high-fat meal could result in side effects.


If you think Alli could help you reach your fat burning goals, talk with your physician. Alli may not be the appropriate option for everybody, such as individuals who’ve had gallbladder removal or take certain medications. Your physician can examine your health history and identify if Alli could benefit you.