Cooking with kids: bite-sized is better and other lessons learned

The following post is by editor Kara Fleck.

A couple of weeks ago I made a great discovery: my 4 years of age daughter Lucy will consume nearly anything, even asparagus, if it’s purple. Discuss a cooking area miracle! Although the asparagus formulate green, it started as purple therefore to her it was wonderful adequate to happily put on her plate and into her mouth, while my husband and I enjoyed with jaw-dropped amazement.

For this month’s Food preparation with Kids include, I wanted to share a few more lessons that I’ve actually found out in the kitchen when food preparation for, and with, my children.

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Lesson found out: my kids will consume almost anything in muffin form

One of the best cooking area discoveries this month was available in the form of a muffin. Much to my delight, I learnt that fruits the kids do not particularly care for by themselves, like rhubarb or pears, as well as some veggies, such as grated carrots, they WILL eat through a muffin – sweet or savory.

Eureka!  This goes right up there with my discovery of smoothies for getting healthy foods into my kids.

We tried out Aimee’s muffin recipe from Simple Bites and have actually been making a set a minimum of as soon as a week ever since, trying all different combinations. I include a salad to our muffins and this has been our lunch virtually weekly day of the period up until now.

Lesson found out: bite-sized is better

I recently made the Zucchini cakes recipe from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. When I initially made this dish the children did not actually look after them. Nevertheless, my spouse and I liked them so I thought I’d try once more.

This time, rather of making them pancake sized, I made them smaller, like a potato chip, and added a dipping sauce the kids. Unexpectedly all the kids discovered the zucchini cakes more palatable, even tasty.

The lesson I discovered was that my children choose smaller sized, bite-sized parts. And, dipping sauce does not harmed.

Lesson learned: don’t undervalue their palates

This is a lesson that I currently knew, but evidently needed to re-learn. My anti-lemonade child (yes, it holds true, he doesn’t like lemonade) amazed me by liking the lemon ice cream that my oldest daughter and I made together over the weekend. Even when his mom had the poor judgement to blurt out, ‘you will not like it, honey, it’s lemon’ (I understand. I can’t think I said that either. ) Well, Max loved it.

This just visits show that he knows much better than I do exactly what his palate is and I should simply keep mum and let him try brand-new things. He just may surprise me, particularly if I keep my viewpoints to myself.

Other recipes and food we have been enjoying at our home this month:

  • purple asparagus with blueberry balsamic sauce (the sauce was a current eMeals discovery)
  • strawberries fresh from the garden
  • banana pudding
  • Eggs Benedict a la’ the Leader Lady’s new cookbook

What’ve you and your children been formulating in the kitchen area lately? Any surprises? Hot weather children pleasers? I ‘d enjoy it if you ‘d share your cooking area tours in the remarks (and share links if you have got them – we are constantly on the lookout for brand-new meals to try!)

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