Crumbs Returns On Tuesday With A Bagel-Croissant Hybrid To Ensure It Never Goes Bankrupt Again

mens dietToday will certainly suck a little less than every other Monday, due to the fact that tomorrow, our prayers are being addressed: Crumbs, our preferred cupcake conglomerate, is resuming after a sudden and scary bankruptcy statement over the summer.

You’ll have the ability to indulge in deliciousness when again at Crumbs’ re-opening celebration on Tuesday at 1385 Broadway, starting at 7:30 am (due to the fact that it’s never ever too early for dessert). CNBC character Marcus Lemons, who brought the company out of bankruptcy (bless his heart), has put a procedure in location to branch out the brand name from its original state in July, and bring brand-new products to the mass market– which we can not wait to sink our teeth into. The new and enhanced Crumbs will include new items like a cookie line, ice cream products, a chocolate bar, and more gluten-free options.

Even more exciting? The most recent addition to the shop will complement and exceed the already-familiar Cronut-knockoff, the Crumbnut: The Baissant is a bagel-croissant hybrid, showing the brand is genuinely rejuvenating itself in order to keep its clients complete and happy– and remain ahead of, or at the minimum, with the times.

Crumbs Bake Shop Returns, womens diet

After announcing the news on its Facebook page on October 9, a press release mentioned that plans are in location for Crumbs to re-open an extra 25 areas in the next Thirty Days in significant cities like Boston, Chicago, LA, Newark, Washington D.C., and New York. That’s nearly a new cupcake store per day, which we are totally okay with.

On Tuesday, the typical suspects, er, flavors, like Red Velvet, Carrot Cake an Cookies and Cream will be offered, however a couple of brand-new flavors have been added to the menu, like Sugary food Pete’s Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcake, and a Secret West Secret Lime Pie Cupcake. Um, yum.

Is this evidence that good things DO N’T have to come to an end? That if you really love something, and you let it go, it will come back to you? Is this the motivation I need to get up and get myself to work today?

I think it is. I really do.