Daikon Roll-Ups at Design*Sponge!


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When I initially started blogging, there were a couple of websites that I truly looked up to. Of course we’d the obvious ones like 101cookbooks, and anything written by great ol’ Martha, but I was also rather obsessed with Design * Sponge. No, it did not really have anything to do with food particularly, however there was something so alluring about Grace’s site. I think the domestic goddess inside me just liked (and still loves) pouring over images of other individuals’ charming houses, smart Dos it yourself and the tasty dishes. It’s kind of a one-stop buy all the way of life motivation you’ll ever ought.

Seeing as I was such a follower, after a few years of blogging I chose to take the plunge and email Design * Sponge in hopes of contributing something to their “In the Cooking area with” column. To date, I’ve written to them on three different occasions, and getting absolutely nothing but their auto-reply each time. No huge offer. They’re active women over there. And I figured I was nowhere near cool enough to be included. BUT! Exactly what must appear in my inbox last month however an e-mail from them. Fist. Pump. I lastly made it into the club.


I really enjoy entertaining, and making stunning meals for best friends seems to be on the top of my list most days. This time of year I find myself having lots of casual get-togethers since individuals are actually up for leaving their residences to mingle and hang around outside. Hooray! I made these Daikon-Roll Ups with Miso Mint Green Filling particularly for guests because they’re so stunning and fresh for summer season, but you could easily make them as a little dish for yourself.

The roll-ups make use of daikon here, however you can likewise utilize thick carrots sliced in bows, or even cabbage or Swiss chard leaf cups. The miso mint pea filling is tasty as a dip and can be served by itself with crudités or toasts. Whatever you choose to finish with it, I’d still sprinkle the sesame on top– it’s a fantastic addition and a tasty compliment to the miso.

Thank you to Design * Sponge for asking me to contribute a recipe to your site– it’s a true honor! Head on over to see the complete recipe here.

xo, Sarah B