Dairy-Free Peach Crisp


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This peach crisp, sweet yet dairy-free, came about due to the fact that of a streak of misfortune, and the New Jersey peaches which went from underripe and tough to nectar-sweet and juicy in 24 hours, were the silver lining to the auto difficulty that ruined my should-have-been-straightforward journey back from Huge Summer Potluck # 4 last weekend.

Here’s how the roller coaster sped along:

Happy: driving through stunning Bucks County and talking blog sites, meals, and creativity with Amy, Autumn, Brian, Dennis, Gina, Jeni, Joe, Karen, Kelly, Maggie, Winnie and numerous others.

Sad: a rental automobile that abated and passed away without any caution in the middle of a windy roadway in Pennsylvania and a rental vehicle company with not a trace of customer support adeptness.

Happy: a drive back on Sunday early morning, when the farmstands were open, instead of Saturday evening, when the farmstands would’ve been closed.

As if the Jersey-fresh produce were not great smelling and affordable enough, I made a 2nd cheer-up stop on my way home: Red Hook Fairway, where I stocked my pantry as if a storm were on its means.

The next day, when the horror of the broken-down Jetta had actually faded, I made a plate of peach crisp, utilizing oil rather of butter so that Alex might enjoy. This is the simplest crisp I’ve actually ever before made: no cinnamon, no walnuts, no oats. (The 2 egg yolks in the component list are what hold this this together.) With the failure of my power steering behind us, Alex and I ate the warm crisp, me with whipped cream on top, him without.

Happy: fruit so good it does not require butter in the topping to be a rejuvenating dessert.

For kosher and lactose-free dessert lovers, this one’s for you. Enjoy!