Does Diet Soda Cause Bloating and Water Weight Gain?

Americans like their soda. They consume more than 9 billion cases of carbonated drink annually, according to Beverage Digest. Weight-conscious individuals could select the diet version as a way to cut calories. However, diet plan soda may be an element adding to digestive bloating and water weight gain. Diet soda may likewise be adding to overall weight gain, not weight loss.


Most diet soda contains caffeine, which is a diuretic that can deplete the body of water. When you’re dehydrated, water retention could be more usual as your body attempts to conserve water. Some sodas can be high in sodium, which can aggravate water weight gain and bloating. Salt may also add to extreme thirst. According to Michael P. Stern, M.D., teacher at the University of Texas, 37 percent of dehydrated people often mistake appetite for thirst, and may be more likely to eat even more total calories, which can lead to weight gain.

Artificial Sweeteners

A correlation was found between the variety of diet sodas consumed and the danger of obesity in a research done at University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. Sharon P. Fowler and colleagues found that for each can of diet soda eaten per day, there was a 41 percent increased threat of becoming overweight or overweight.

Likewise, in a research study done at Purdue University, by teacher Terry Davidson and associate teacher Susan Swithers, it was found that usage of sweetening agents may influence our body’s capability to be able to compute the number of calories being consumed. Davidson described that from a young age your bodies find out to correspond sweet with higher calorie content. When you ingest synthetically sweetened beverages without any calories, this can harm your bodies natural capability to regulate caloric consumption, which can result in overindulging, and weight gain.


Carbonated beverages were produced in the 1700s by English chemist Joseph Priestley as a method to lengthen the service life of a beverage and enhance the flavor by making it more acidic. According to Mayo, carbonated beverages are one of the wrongdoers of digestive bloating. Consuming any carbonated drink, such as diet plan soda, releases co2 bubbles into the stomach and intestine which can cause gas, bloating and belching.

Artificial Preservatives and Coloring

Diet sodas consist of synthetic chemicals to preserve the freshness and increase shelf life, and artificial coloring to provide the soda an appetizing appearance. Although there’s actually been no clinical evidence that these substances contribute to bloating and water weight gain, a few of these compounds have been recognized as carcinogenic. Michael F. Jacobson, of the Center for Science of Public Interest mentioned that California public health authorities have actually included 4-methylimidazole, a result of caramel color, to California’s list of known carcinogens.