Does Working Out With a Heart Rate Monitor Help You Lose Weight Faster?

    How numerous calories you burn during workout depends upon the intensity of your exercises. A heart rate monitor can help you track your rate of exertion throughout a workout, however focusing on how you feel can be equally valuable, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The faster you breathe, the more you sweat and the more fatigued you feel while working out, the even more calories you are likely to burn. Still, to reduce weight, you’ve to burn more calories than you eat over an extended time period.

    Heart Rate and Exercise

    Oxygen uptake is an efficient way to gauge the intensity of an exercise, however it’s not functional for the average person. Heart rate monitors, on the various other hand, are easy to come by and are reasonably budget-friendly. How fast your heart beats during a workout will inform you which exercise zone you are in, which can give you a sign of the variety of calories you are likely to burn. Aerobic exercises such as jogging and biking must put you in between 60 and 80 percent of your maximum heart rate, while more intense anaerobic exercises such as sprints will push you above 85 percent of your maximum, burning even more calories.

    Types of Heart Rate Monitors

    Heart rate monitors are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they’ve the same functions. Some are strapped directly around your chest, while others are used around your wrist like a watch. Although some heart rate monitors screen your heart rate on a digital screen, others are joined a handheld gadget such as a mobile phone that’ll display the information for you on command.


    If you desire all the bells and whistles on your heart rate monitor, including a digital display and live readings, you could invest upwards of $200. For a fundamental model, you can spend as low as $29. ‘Customer Reports’ checked 11 different models of all types and in all rate ranges in 2013, discovering that each shown amazing accuracy. In terms of burning calories, reliability is all you require from your heart rate monitor.

    Interval Training

    If you wish to keep your heart rate steady throughout cardio training, a heart rate monitor can be made use of to track your typical heart rate. If, however, you truly want to up the ante, think about accustomeding the monitor during high-intensity interval training. Periods force you to alternate in between durations of low and high intensity, increasing oxygen uptake and heart rate for quick bursts and burning a major variety of calories both during and post-workout.

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