Dunkin Donuts Reveals Cronut Rip-Off And I Am Admittedly A Little Thrilled

Dunkin Donut Cronut

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For those of you fortunate adequate to not reside in New york city City (I am a little bitter at the minute about lease and energies, bear with me), today is the deal on Cronuts: they are an exceptionally popular, highly sought-after croissant-doughnut hybrid created by Dominique Ansel Bakery. People stand in line for unjustifiably long spans of time to obtain these things, they pay other people to stand in line, they get them weeks beforehand. The Cronut fad, as I’ll tackily alliterate it, has been the meals frenzy (goin’ for two!) of 2013.

Wanting to get in on the action, Dunkin Donuts in Korea has debuted a knock-off. As the name ‘Cronut’ is trademarked, they’ve actually called the croissant-doughnut a ‘New York Pie Doughnut.’ Um.

Anyway, apart from the distinctly un-catchy name, the seventy-five cent variation of the $5 Cronut sounds extremely attractive. Naturally, they’re almost certainly not as great as the real Cronut, which takes three days for the bakery to develop, however it’s an option for those reluctant or incapable to stand in long lines for a $5 treat. If you are not interested in going to either place, though, you can always make ’em yourself!