Eating At Chipotle Is The Equivalent Of Ordering A Heart Attack (Kind Of)

Stock Image Chipotle Mexican Grill, nutrition

There are couple of belongings in life quite like a Chipotle burrito. (Coming close are eight plus hrs of continuous sleep, locating $20 in your trousers pocket and also holding a warm, fuzzy puppy – yet regretfully, no stogie.)

Chipotle burritos are cozy, delicious and also in the minute I have my hands around one, I assume I know exactly what love feels like.

Sadly for the entire American population, Chipotle is a prime instance of too much of a good thing. According to The New York Times, the hyped-up burrito chain is feeding consumers roughly 1,070 calories at every meal (which is majority the amount of the 2000-calories-per-day diet advised by the FDA).

Despite Chipotle’s smart public-image campaign that concentrates on responsibly-raised meat and their hipster-but-kewl product packaging, their menu options aren’t precisely ‘healthy’ alternatives in regards to junk food venues.

To find out what people actually order at Chipotle, and also whether or not those orders are healthy and balanced, NYT took details from a big example of online orders. NYT’s charted each of the popular chain’s make-your-own dish from the very least to a lot of in regards to calories, and discovered, along with costing us 1,070 calories, most of Chipotle dishes include a complete day’s worth of sodium. NYT’s numbers also suggest that one of every 10 Chipotle dishes contain 1,600 calories or more.


For those aiming to stay on the slim side, you can still buy the food selection’s meat tacos, vegetable dish or carnitas burrito (without sour cream and guacamole) for less compared to 545 calories. If you desire to go way way huge, a sour cream and cheese-covered chicken burrito served with the jobs (chips and guac) is a prodigious 1,795 calories … as well as, because we’re counting, 119 percent of the everyday advised quantity of sodium and three-quarters of your everyday saturated fat.

NYT confesses their numbers can be manipulated, yet I think it’s safe to state that you a lot better see just what you eat.

Or close your eyes and chew, due to the fact that love is blind.