Fish Oil and Prostate Cancer?

A - normal cell division, B - cancer cell divi...

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A – regular cell department, B – cancer cell department, 1 – apoptosis, 2 – damaged cell. From the National Cancer cells Institute.

Dr. David Katz provides a comprehensive and interesting analysis of the most up to date scary research propelled by the headline: Fish Oil Causes Cancer. His short article also talks about the evidence of the advantages of fish oil based upon other studies in addition to the epidemiological researches that support a valuable benefit.

I find it most interesting his recommendation of the duty of the anti-inflammatory effects of omega-3 fatty acids – perhaps, he states, that insufficient inflammation can worsen the advertising of cancer cells in this method. Fish oils are declared to be extremely anti-inflammatory and the immune surveillance system (if it exists) works to regulate cancer cells by the inflammatory procedure in addition to other mechanisms of the immune system. As Dr. Katz states: ‘Immune function is all about balance’.

I did my research on omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and bust cancer (in rats), and we found no substantial distinctions in bust cancer cells incident between the teams, either at high or low levels in the diet. We were rather amazed at these results and repeated the research and found the exact same events. However we discovered no boost in the fish oil teams compared to the corn oil teams.

So the plot thickens on the diet plan and cancer connection. As is often specified, one study isn’t the end-all and needs to be duplicated. Frightening headings don’t belong in diet and nutrition studies – they do more damage than great and can be so misleading. I’ve read 2 opinions of physicians who remain to recommend eating fish in meals and supplements up until more researches can clarify what’s really going on right here. Ditto!