Foods that steal Minerals in the Body


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Minerals are necessary compounds the body requires. Various diseases
can come up when the body lacks minerals. Unfortunately, specific foods can steal the savings of minerals in the body.

The essential mineral the body requires is calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium and zinc.

Mineral insufficiency in the body can cause different diseases as follows:

1. Increased opportunities for colds and flu
2. Stunted growth and weakened bones
3. High blood pressure
4. Depression and anxiety
5. Anemia
6. Muscle discomfort and osteoporosis
7. Digestive problems (such as heartburn, constipation, queasiness or diarrhea).

Any food that could steal the body of minerals savings?

1. Salt or sodium is taking calcium
Eating foods that contain excessive salt salty alias to increase the discharge of calcium through the urine, which potentially decreased the variety of cost savings and bone calcium can trigger osteoporosis.

Salt (salt) is the main adversary for the absorption of calcium, due to the fact that salt is included in almost all processed meals, such as processed meats (pork, hot pets), fast meals (pizza, burgers, fries), processed and canned meals.

2. Soft drinks and carbonated who dispose calcium
Most sodas and carbonated consist of a great deal of folic acid can likewise enhance the excretion of calcium in the urine.

3. Caffeine in tea and coffee that disrupt iron absorption
The National Women’s Wellness Details Facility states that drinking coffee or tea along with meals reduces the body’s capacity to absorb iron from the diet plan.

In addition, excess caffeine in coffee or tea are likewise liquefy the calcium so it can deteriorate bones.

Therefore, tea and coffee is a taboo for people who deal with anemia (blood insufficiency) and osteoporosis(bone loss).

4. Vegetables that are too ripe to take iron and folic acid
Green veggies are cooked too fully grown to decrease the absorption of iron, folic acid and B12 from veggies. In contrast, raw or steamed vegetables half cooked precisely helpful for the body’s mineral demands.

5. Soy protein that obstructs iron
College of Household Physicians, Canada, specifies that soy protein can decrease and block the absorption of iron in the body.