Fruit Recipes That Kids Love

Fruit’s the perfect after school healthy treat recipes for kids. Fruit’s vibrant and enjoyable to consume. Getting kids to eat fruit’s simple when we allow them to create their own fruit deals with. The healthy treats noted below are easy to prepare. Relying on the age of the kids, they can make use of a mixer to make their own fruit healthy smoothie treat. The clean up after preparing this treat is likewise simple.

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The fruits that kids commonly choose to consume are usually apples and bananas. This quick smoothie mix dish can be made with a variety of fruits that’ll include selection. You can make use of any kind of fruit to make this healthy fruit treat.

The USDA ‘My Pyramid’ suggests that kids between the ages of 2 to 8, eat about 1 – 1 1/2 cups of fruit a day. For ages 9 to 13, 1 1/2 cups is recommended. American kids don’t consume sufficient vegetables and fruit. It’s important that we prepare fruits in book and interesting means so that kids delight in consuming this important nutrient.

This dish offers one serving of fruit – A strawberry smoothie is a cool and refreshing treat. This tasty smoothie satisfies one of those fruit requirements in a healthy however scrumptious way.

Strawberry Smoothie


*2 ice cubes

*1 cup frozen yogurt

*2/3 cup frozen strawberries

*1/2 tsps of sugar

*1 tsp vanilla extract


1) Pour all the ingredients into the blender

2) Put the lid on the blender

3) Blend ingredients for 45 – 60 seconds until smooth

4) Pour smoothie into glass

5) Enjoy

This strawberry smoothie is so easy to make however so nutritious. Strawberries are sources of several
vitamins and minerals that children need each day.

For an additional delicious kid fruit treat dish attempt this one with ripe bananas and everyone’s preferred chocolate.

1 Fruit Portion Coconut and Chocolate Dipped Bananas


*4 bananas, cut in halves

*8 Popsicle sticks

*4 bars bittersweet chocolate


*Toasted coconut




1) Place each banana half on a stick

2) Melt the chocolate in the microwave (Stir with a spatula)

3) Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper

4) Dip bananas in the chocolate

5) Roll in the topping of your choice

6) Cool to room temperature

7) Chill leftovers in refrigerator

Bananas teem with nutrients including potassium that’s a vital aspect in a healthy menu. The bananas dipped in chocolate are particularly appealing to children. They get to play with their food, which is something children like to do.