Guys Guys Guys Guys Guys! Taco Bell To Test Delivery Service


Guess what, everyone?! Your Cheesy Gourdita Crunch prayers have been answered.

Taco Bell, the junk food conglomerate aiming to alter our breakfast and also, concurrently, our bowels, will do a lot more than offer Sausage Egg and Cheese Morning meal Tacos.

According to a news from Chief Executive Officer Brian Niccol, the “Live Mas” chain will start examining out a shipping solution sometime this year.

Well warm damn (taco biscuits)! This is simply the news we required this bulge day.

Delivery solutions are part of Taco Bell’s larger campaign to place itself as a forward-thinking brand for Millennials and also future generations in the swiftly changing rapid food (er, ‘quick-service’) landscape. Simply puts, Taco Bell really wants to be as dynamic as Chipotle, from the capabilities of Seamless. Though not explicitly discussed, distribution solutions are also part of a bigger initiative to obtain intoxicated individuals their late-night treats, stat. A minimum of, they should be.

College pupils and deteriorates everywhere are thrilled, and you need to be, too. At your next bachelorette event, as opposed to crying softly into Becky’s hair regarding how you think you’ll be alone for-ev-er, you can muffle your wails right into a Beef Chalupa Supreme.

Although an exact schedule isn’t really in the works, Niccol states ‘some kind of distribution will be in test by late this year.’ As well as since that has to do with as committal as your FWB Josh, we ‘d suggest you not to obtain your hopes up too tall, or hold your breath as you wait.

For now, enjoy the reality that your denims will certainly continue to fit – due to the fact that as quickly as this shipping service rolls out, you know that won’t last long.