Healthy Ideas For A Fast And Light Dinner

Dinner lettuce cheese salad

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Food can become an adversary for our health and shape if we don’t take note of what we eat and when we eat it.

It’s vital to prevent skipping meals and attempt to have 3 main courses and two treats every day. The dinner ought to be light and simple, due to the fact that when you go to sleep the food in your belly must be currently digested, to stay clear of getting fat and having a unsatisfying sleep.

To be completely removed from the stomach, the meat requires up to 3 hours to be digested, in comparison with fruits, which just need 30 mins to be absorbed. To make dinner selection easier for you, below you’ve some healthy concepts for a rapid and light dinner:

Vegetable soup

Very healthy and low in calories, veggie soup is perfect to be served for dinner. It’s a warm meal which safeguards the digestive tract and it’s calming impacts on your tummy. Easy to absorb and without an energizing result, it’s the best option which enables you to have a best and quiet sleep.

Lettuce salad with cheese

In this salad is advised to use lettuce and other vegetables that have green color, which will bring you the needed iron and vitamins. Green vegetables and spices are known as being the richest in vitamins and minerals.

We suggest you various other healthy ingredients, such as: onions (great for sleep and increase the immunity), chopped dill, a few pieces of cheese as a source of proteins and tomatoes. Instead of vinegar you can make use of lemon.

Potatoes salad

This salad is extremely simple to prepare and we recommend you to avoid egg or mayonnaise, for an easy food digestion. All you require is a boiled potato sliced, chopped green onions, cucumber and olives. For the dressing mix some mustard with a little olive oil. The outcome is delicious and light!

Fish and vegetable salad

Another alternative for a healthy supper, rich in vitamins and reduced in calories is a simple salad with grilled fish.

First you’ve to period the fish with some salt and pepper, then put in on the grill. After it’s cooked slice it and add it in the salad.

What to prevent having for supper:

  • Foods rich in carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice)
  • Dishes rich in fats (prepared with sour cream, butter, extra oil)
  • Fast-foods


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