Healthy Meals to Make With Potatoes

Potatoes are initially from Peru, however explorers delivered them throughout the world and today, they offer many nations a concentrated source of dietary nutrients. They became so useful in Ireland that when a plant illness killed the majority of the crop in the mid-19th century, the nation was left without sufficient food to feed its residents, leading to extensive famine. Variety is too vital to the U.S. to try a mono-agricultural food system, and its fascination with choice reaches the potato. Farmers produce several types, including the Russet, blue, Yukon Gold, red and brand-new. Each one offers specific textural and taste homes to fulfill specific culinary needs of potato-based meals.

New Potatoes

The waxy, brand-new category of potatoes consists of the signature brand-new, fingerling and red-skinned, all which provide a low level of starch which prevents the flesh from breaking apart in dishes that consist of diced potatoes, such as in soups. A chowder is an easy, healthy meal that you can make in about 15 minutes. Dice new potatoes, onions and tomatoes, include corn, milk, canned clams or fresh or frozen shrimp, lemon juice, salt and pepper and an herb such as tarragon that attracts the tastes with one defining thread. Serve it with a spoonful of plain yogurt and a whole-grain roll.

Yukon Gold

The Yukon Gold potato provides medium starch material in the diet plan, which means it straddles the line in between continuing to be entire when prepared and separating into a velvety consistency. An example of a dish that uses its qualities is potato pancakes. The grated flesh is soft and adheres together well however also melts in your mouth. You could fry the pancakes in a healthful mono- and polyunsaturated rich fat source such as olive oil for a healthy outcome. Serving potato pancakes with applesauce and low-fat sour cream follows the Eastern European tradition.


The starchiest of all potatoes is the Russet, a durable potato with a fairly thick peel that you may have to eliminate prior to food preparation in spite of its dietary benefits. If you boil Russet potatoes, reserve the stock and utilize it in soup to make use of the nutrients. Russets are the very best type for mashing and forming into potato-based gnocchi pasta due to the fact that the starch promotes a fluffy structure that adheres and forms new shapes. Serve gnocchi with a broth-based mushroom or roasted red pepper sauce.


Blue potatoes are as starchy as Russets however should’ve a separate classification because of the color. Blue foods are uncommon and include visual interest to the majority of meals. A blue, diced potato combined with ground turkey or lean ground lamb fills tacos with pico de gallo sauce and shredded lettuce.

Nutrients and Getting Organic

Most of the nutrients the potato provides in your diet come from its skin. If you prepare with brand-new or Yukon Gold potatoes, the skin is thin and including it in the meal will provide you vitamin C, potassium and protein. Purchase organic potatoes if you make use of the skin to stay clear of pesticide residue.