Healthy Meals With Lentils

Lentils are a legume traditionally served in soups and salads, particularly in French, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines. They offer a concentrated level of nutrients, such as protein, fiber and minerals, and preparing them is simple due to the fact that no presoaking is required. Simmer them till the texture softens, and add herbs and spices for a low-fat protein meal.

Lentil Salad

A bean salad is an alternative to a produce-based salad, which may be useful as a main dish or on the side of a vegetarian entree due to the considerable protein material in lentils. French green lentils are the standard type utilized for salads, and they provide a light flavor that herbs, spices, olive oil, finely chopped veggies and grains dress up. A Middle Eastern salad with mint, lemon juice and couscous, or a Mediterranean salad with roasted red pepper, basil and feta provide you a number of flavorful, nutritionally useful options. A French lentil salad includes tarragon, chicken, salt, pepper, shallots and carrots.

Lentils in Soup

Perhaps the best-known dish that lentils are made with is lentil soup. Numerous lentil soup dishes come from India or the Middle East. An usual Indian lentil soup called dal includes red lentils, stock, cauliflower, green beens, sweet potatoes, curry and coconut. Red lentils cook swiftly and are ready to serve when the shapes of the individual legumes start to mix. A Middle Eastern lentil soup includes lamb and mint. A dollop of yogurt complements each soup range.

Lentil Loaf

One of the nutritionally beneficial aspects of lentils is the high protein material, makings them an efficient replacement for meat. A meatloaf option is lentil loaf that consists of vegetables, spices, bread crumbs and brown rice.

Lentil Burger

Serve lentil patties rather of beef or veggie hamburgers. Mix lentils, natural herbs, spices, egg and carefully chopped veggies and fry them in oil, form the blend into disks and fry them in oil. A whole-grain roll, pita or flat bread includes fiber to the already rich material consisted of in lentils.


French green lentils offer a tender textured meat option in pasta sauce. Integrate ziti, rigatoni or rotini with tomato sauce, garlic, capers, ooked lentils and Pecorino Romano cheese. This dish provides your body intricate carbohydrates, its primary energy source.

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