Healthy Snacks With Wasabi Peas

Wasabi peas contain protein and fiber but no cholesterol.

With the name of a veggie and the crunch of a treat chip, flexible wasabi peas display attributes of both groups and are easily integrated into a healthy diet. These roasted green peas covered with spicy wasabi contain few calories as well as provide nutrients. More vital, they could please a craving for less-nutritious snacks. Alternative them for full-fat snack chips or refined-flour crackers, or add a sparse handful to spice up healthier basics.

Wasabi Peas Nutrition

According to LIVESTRONG’S MyPlate, each 1/2-cup serving of hot, wasabi-coated roasted green peas contains 130 calories, 5 grams of protein, 1 gram of dietary fiber and no cholesterol. Not quite as healthy as their namesake, however, wasabi peas do also consist of 95 milligrams of salt, or 3 percent of your day-to-day allowable salt intake, plus 4 grams of sugar and 1.5 grams of fat.

Trail Mix

To include zing to your usual trail mix, incorporate wasabi peas with salt-free roasted walnuts, pumpkin seeds and dried out cranberries. The mix will certainly please every yearning, from sweet to spicy and crunchy to chewy, while also supplying protein, healthy fats, fiber and other nutrients.

Salad Topper

For a healthy snack and even a snack, slice up a green lettuce salad– including nutrient-rich vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, fresh broccoli and leafy greens– however replace your salad croutons with wasabi peas. Typical croutons commonly offer only refined flour, salt and vacant calories, while wasabi peas add spicy taste and a comparable crunch– but lower-calorie nutrition in the form of protein and fiber.

Soup Topper

As a healthy mid-afternoon treat, specifically on a cold day, a cup of soup can provide a wealth of nutrition and even contribute to your daily fluid intake. Select mixed veggie, chicken noodle or lycopene-rich tomato soup. If your soup originates from a can, choose a low-sodium, low-fat variety. For a topper, however, avoid the fine-tuned flour of saltine crackers and rather toss a handful of wasabi peas into your steaming cup.

Ants on Logs

Although the traditional childhood treat of ants on a log involves celery, peanut butter and raisins, try a spicier, grown-up version. Spread a light covering of low-fat cream cheese along the within a celery stick and line with a trail of wasabi pea ‘ants.’ Add sesame or sunflower seeds to the wasabi peas for taste and structure variety, along with a boost of omega-3 or vitamin E. If you’re feeling particularly daring, avoid the cream cheese and lightly spread out natural peanut butter along the celery stick and dot with wasabi peas.

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