Healthy Weight Gain for Kids With Small Appetites

Encouraging your undernourished kid to consume larger portions is a technique that can help her gain weight. However if your youngster has a small appetite and can not tolerate huge sections, this method is ineffective. Being underweight can put children at danger for inadequate growth and development, illness and teasing. You can assist your youngster gain weight by offering normally high-calorie foods often.

Weight Gain

A kid might’ve to gain weight due to ailment or a since of he’s a normally slight frame. To assist your youngster gain weight, you’ve to enhance your kid’s calorie consumption above what he burns daily. A 500-calorie boost each day need to result in a 1-lb. per week gain. Before starting a weight-gain program with your kid, seek advice from your pediatrician.

Types of Food

Instead of attempting to feed your youngster larger portions, pick quality foods that have a high number of calories per serving. Peanut butter, eggs, cheese, nuts, full-fat dairy and bean dips are great selections. Offer extremely nutritious, calorie-dense foods at every meal or snack. Your child can still take pleasure in vegetables and fruits, however stress choices such as baked white or sweet potatoes, corn, peas, raisins, dates and dried apricots, which provide high nutrition but more calories per serving than broccoli or carrot sticks.


Let go of of the principle of three square meals every day. Enable your kid to forage commonly and take in calories when her appetite enables. Eating 6 to eight small meals of high-calorie foods is an effective means to get her all the calories she needs for weight gain. If your kid merely won’t consume, provide full-fat milk combined with dry milk powder or One Hundred Percent juice in between meals to add calories. Moderate physical activity also can help stimulate your child’s appetite, attempt taking a walk or heading to the playground. You also could’ve to reduce your expectations about the rate of the weight gain. Instead of 500 calories a day, 250 calories might be a more convenient objective.

Calorie-Boosting Ideas

Add entire milk, instant breakfast drink powder, bananas, flax seed oil and nut butter to healthy smoothies to enhance calories. Offer peanut butter with all-fruit spread on entire wheat toast as a sweet high-calorie snack. Include cheese to scrambled eggs or noodles. Make homemade trail mix by stirring together raisins, peanuts or almonds and dark chocolate chips. Permit your kid to have dessert, however make it an option that provides some nutrition, such as ice cream, pudding or flavored full-fat yogurt. Cheese sticks, buttered popcorn and granola bars are practical, high-calorie treats to pack in your youngster’s knapsack.