How Many Calories Are Burned by Core Rhythms Dance Exercise Program?

Salsa dance techniques contribute to the workout in the Core Rhythms program.

The Core Rhythms Dance Exercise Program takes advantage of two trends in American culture: the group physical fitness boom and a greater awareness of world music. By incorporating high-impact aerobics methods with Latin dance activities and music, creators Jaana Kunitz and Julia Powers supply a calorie-burning exercise numerous find even more fun and energetic than basic aerobics.

Program Basics

The Core Rhythms Dance Workout Program DVDs guide the user through a series of movements taken from standard aerobics, cardio kickboxing and Latin dance designs like salsa and rumba. The program consists of several DVDs, each set for a workout of different intensity and with different background motion. Similar to Latin dance, numerous of the motions in the program focus on working the muscles of the core– your belly, lower back and hips.

Calories Burned

The website supplies details on the calories you burn in various activities. Although it does not have data on the Core Rhythms program specifically, it does provide figures for aerobics exercises in general. According to HealthStatus, a 140-lb. female will burn between 200 and 225 calories in Thirty Minutes of a program like Core Rhythms, relying on her level of effort. You can anticipate results in the low range for the starting DVDs, and greater arise from the professional programs.


Your body weight plays a major duty in the number of calories you burn in an exercise, for the simple factor that heavier people are lugging around even more weight. A 160-lb. person will certainly burn in between 220 and 260 calories doing 30 minutes of Core Rhythms workout. A 110-lb. individual would burn simply 150 to 180.

Other Factors

Counting calories isn’t a specific science. The specific calorie total amount you’ll burn in a Core Rhythms workout will differ from session to session, according to such diverse aspects as time of day, air temperature level, exactly what you have consumed and even your state of mind during the exercise. Additionally, regular exercise will increase the rate of your standard metabolism: how many calories your body burns in all activities throughout the day. This indicates that the even more Core Rhythms workouts you do, the even more calories you’ll certainly burn throughout your next session.

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