How Many Calories Are in Sunset Wine?

How Many Calories Are in Sunset Wine?

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Although Sunset wine doesn’t include fat, it does offer calories due to the fact that of the sugars and alcohol it contains. NutriStrategy keeps in mind that alcohol is calorie dense, with 7 calories per gram, so examine nourishment realities closely prior to drinking.


According to’s Daily Plate, one 5-oz. serving of Sunset wine contains 95 calories. This makes Sunset wine higher in calories than various other types of alcohol beverages, MyFitnessPal explains that a 12-oz. beer includes 145 calories, which would equal about 60 calories per 5-oz. serving.


Sunset wine includes carbs which offer 4 calories per gram. According to’s Daily Plate, a 5-oz. serving of this wine includes 7 g of carbs, with 5 g of sugar.


Because alcohol provides 7 calories per gram, a 5-oz. serving of Sunset wine offers about 9.5 g of alcohol.


Sunset wine doesn’t consist of any fat, according to’s Daily Plate.


LIVESTRONG. com’s Daily Plate keeps in mind that Sunset wine doesn’t contain any protein.