How Many Calories Can I Burn on a Nordic Track for 1 HR?

Burn hundreds of calories in an hour on the NordicTrack.

Edward Pauls of Chaska, Minnesota, invented NordicTrack ski machine in 1975 as a method for cross-country skiers to train year round. According to financial investment guide, sensible management of the NordicTrack Line by Pauls’ company and best timing with the physical fitness fad of the 1980s resulted in massive sales of the equipment. The business considerably broadened its product after it broke down financially in the late 1990s and was acquired by ICON Fitness, but the classic skier equipment remains readily available at the time of this post’s publication.

Average Calories Burned

In 2004, Harvard University compared the calorie-burning capacity of numerous common exercise and day-to-day activities to see whiches were the most efficient. The research found that making use of a NordicTrack ski machine is the third most reliable calorie burning workout you can perform, being bettered only by high-impact step aerobics and energetic cycling. Based upon the research, you’d burn 706 calories in an hour of workout on the machine if you weigh 155 lbs.

More Weight, More Loss

The more you weigh and the greater your body’s muscle mass percentage, the more calories your metabolism will make use of throughout rest and exercise, according to For example, a 185-lb. person can expect to burn 844 calories in a single hour of exercise on the NordicTrack, while a 125-lb. person would only use 570. These figures are for reasonably paced workout, and would enhance if you use the ski equipment more strongly.

Intensity Adjustment

There are 3 methods to increase the amount of calories you burn in an hour on the NordicTrack without working out any quicker. The very first way is to raise the front legs to enhance the slope of the skier. While the equipment won’t incline a significant quantity, even a small incline will enhance your calorie burn. You can have a more substantial boost in your workout intensity by upping the quantity of resistance on the skis or the arm cords. These modifications are made with the resistance clamp on the skier upright and the resistance knob on the top pulley-block, respectively.

Exercise Guidelines

NordicTrack states in its skier owner’s manual that you can work out securely on the device in between three and five times per week depending upon your physical fitness level. The company encourages that you don’t exercise in your optimum training zone for more than 30 minutes at a time during your first couple of weeks of exercise on the ski machine. If you reduce or break up your workout into smaller segments, you can track your overall calories burned utilizing the approximate values showed on the equipment’s electronics console.

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