How Much Muscle Can Be Gained With Lifting Weights?

How Much Muscle Can Be Gained With Lifting Weights?

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Both men and women can gain muscle mass with weightlifting. The rate and quantity of muscle you can build depends on a selection of aspects. A person who raises weights and consumes appropriately for muscle building can apply about one to two pounds of muscle per week, however will at some point hit a restriction.

Gaining Muscle

Participating in a weightlifting program that’s designed for hypertrophy, or muscle building, will cause both males and females to considerably increase their muscle mass. A muscle-building lifting program requires regular and high-volume training. Many lifters are in the health club exercising most days of the week for hours at a time. Starting lifters will see improvements lifting twice per week, as long as they total enough exercises, sets and repetitions for each muscle team. You need to target each muscle group at least twice weekly, with three to four exercises for each muscle team being finished in a session. Every exercise needs to be completed at four to six sets of six to 12 repetitions each. In addition to frequently raising weights, if you want getting muscle mass, you need to enhance your daily calorie intake in order to sustain the muscle-building procedure.


There are a range of aspects that determine how rapidly and the amount of money muscle you’ll develop, that includes your experience in strength training and your genetic susceptibilities. According to Dr. Joseph Chromiak of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, those who haven’t been lifting weights for long are most likely to see even more substantial results at a much faster rate. Lifters who normally have a higher proportion of fast-twitch muscle fibers, which possess greater residential properties to increase in size, will see even more considerable muscle-mass increases as they participate in routine weightlifting. Men, who normally have greater muscle-building hormones like testosterone and growth hormone, will see even more substantial gains in muscle than females.

Rate of Muscle Gain

The common belief is that you can get about one to two pounds of muscle weekly by regularly taking part in a muscle-building weightlifting program and providing the appropriate fuel with appropriate nutritional routines. Building muscle weight requires a boost in calorie consumption, so Dr. Chromiak suggests shooting for 1/2 a pound of muscle gain per week to avoid the possibility that the weight gain will originate from rises in body fat.

Limit of Muscle Gain

There’s a restriction to the quantity of muscle mass you can acquire, which is determined by genetic elements like your hormone levels and body type. According to a 1995 research by Dr. Elena Kouri published by the ‘Clinical Diary of Sports Medication,’ lifters who did not utilize steroids topped their fat-free body mass index rating at 25. Fat-free body mass index is found by taking your fat-free body mass in kilograms, multiplying it by your height in meters, then deducting two. According to these findings, an individual who’s 5 feet 7 inches tall will be controlled to about 160 lbs. of muscle mass. A person’s actual limitation will change based upon genetic factors previously discussed.