How Much You Pay For Your Pancakes Is Now In The Hands Of God At This North Carolina Diner

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‘Name your cost’ is typically a payment technique finest suited for auction homes and yard sale. Not anymore!

A dining establishment owner in Dallas, North Carolina, is changing things up by asking consumers to take it upon themselves to decide just how much to pay. Well, themselves … and God.

Instead of set menu rates, Dana Parris of Just Cookin asks consumers to pay precisely how much they believe their check deserves. So now there’s a totally new meaning to, “Did you enjoy your meal?”

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Leaving the decision of how much consumers should pay “in the hands of her clients and God,” stems from the sluggish business Parris received over the summer season. Hoping constantly and working tirelessly to up her revenue showed ineffective. Instead of working on advertising efforts or revamping menu products, her technique was a bit more faith-based.

Parris explains:

“The means I could show I was giving God control was to offer him control of the cash register.”

If I put my faith in my finances the means Parris did, I would probably be kicked out from my too-expensive apartment in less than a month’s notification. However this is New york city City. In North Carolina, perhaps people are more normally good-hearted– because so far, the decision has actually worked out in Parris’ favor. In the very first week of the brand-new rates plan (which she announced on Facebook), she has nearly tripled her profits. Rather of getting robbed by unappreciative diners, many clients have paid, “a bit even more” than they usually would.

Another indicator that this is absolutely North Carolina? Parris keeps a ‘appreciation book’ (which, regretfully, is the opposite of a burn book) at the front of the dining establishment. That, and another book that counts blessings.

According to its Facebook page, Just Cookin provides breakfast, breakfast, diner-style food, junk food, hotdogs, and soul food. While absolutely nothing seems extraordinary, I think it’s enough to keep people returning for even more– and shelling out a little extra when they do.

Just Cookin isn’t really the first dining establishment to offer religious benefits, though. In July, another restaurant in North Carolina offered 15 percent off to customers who hoped openly prior to consuming their meal.

My ideas about religion and diners are practically the like church and state: they should be kept separate. While I don’t see anything wrong with Parris’ business module, I don’t see it working long term. How long can her customers afford to spend more?

I likewise would feel awkward PAYING to eat somewhere that required me to state ‘Grace’ initially. This isn’t really the dinner table in my conservative New Jersey home, after all!

For me, eating out has to do with not having to do any of things you would do in your home– like setting the table, food preparation, or yes, even saying Grace. If that makes me an enemy, I’m sorry. But I always tip a little additional when I’m out to consume, whether I’m on great terms with God that day, or not.