How to: Bike to a Fall Picnic


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In my book, a good exercise session includes a deserving reward. I’ll walk for miles if my experience ends at the ice cream shop. I’ll jog– to meet a pal for a manicure. And if there’s a picnic finale for my bike ride, I’ll be pulling on my spandex shorts.

I love to bike– I really do. Because I spend a bunch of time food preparation and consuming, and I am understood to mix beverages to toast, with buddies, to all our hard work, I wind up yearning the physical exertion of a cruise through the park, both the hard uphills and the exuberant downhills. (I waxed poetic about riding the Manhattan Bridge just recently, in this post, and I’ll in fact have even more about biking for you tomorrow.)

By the time I am done sweating, my mind and body are both in the state of mind to relax and hang out with pals. Even as summer carefully changes into fall, that hang out can still be a picnic. If you are preparing to meet pals, best to pack your blanket, treats, and beverages in a durable knapsack so you can focus on the ride. That implies a couple laps around the park, or a decently long jaunt on the path by the waterfront.

I can’t carry all the picnic needs as I ride, so any mobile picnic has to be a potluck. I am pleased to tote the bottle of Smirnoff Sorbet Light Lemon, so long as I’ve actually designated the limes, seltzer, and lemon-lime soft drink to a friend.

Other needs? Cups, naturally. Plates, napkins, and some kind of silverware is more effective, if you just make use of those plastic knives to cut limes and stir drinks. (I must say: check out the rules that apply to your public spaces to be sure you can consume there.) I likewise suggest a Frisbee, for when you get your 2nd wind, post-ride.

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