Iced Vanilla Ginger Cashew Espresso By Bad Monkie V Blak

organic iced vanilla ginger cachew espresso 01 Iced Vanilla Ginger Cashew Espresso By Bad Monkie V Blak

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Photographer: V Blak (cc)

I’m sitting below an entire day after I started this post and I’m questioning what simply occurred. I started my day off, thinking about you men truthfully, I was thinking, fine I should share my ‘G’ way of living daily from this point on. Get out in front of the camera, you can do it, I keep telling myself. I’m working up to it, think me. So, I said to myself what can I share today … hmmm, I know, how about my addiction or attempt I state love for espresso. I know, I know, it’s killing my alkaline ph balance or something like that. I hear you Brendan and Tim. You men make me look bad, being all in shape and best fit ‘G’ super men. I understand, I’m going to stop soon or at least minimize just how much I absorb per month. Even more green juicing I promise. However for now, I’m still drinking natural espresso, which our buddies at Peet’s Coffee sent out over to us. They resemble freaking pushers … right (jj) It’s sooooo great, I guarantee you. One shot and you just want to drop to your knees. They’ve a complete green natural coffee roasting location right here in California I believe. Anyways, they sent out over so much espresso, I just cannot assist myself but to dig in and brew it up. I understand bad monkie.

Back to my story. I’m out below in the desert and it’s so hot, 116 degrees if you can think that. I’ve a new location, which I’ll show you in an additional post and I haven’t turned on the air once and believe it or not I’m fine. All the windows and doors are open in the front and back of your home and the air is streaming with and keeping it extremely … hawaii caribbean like. However with that said, you still need something cool to drink on, so my cool early morning beverage of selection is the iced espresso with a twist of flavors. I’ve been making it almost every day together with a couple of various other frozen alcohol based beverages, which I’ll also get into in some future post. I know TIM / BRENDAN / RORY, I hear you. Bad Monkie!

organic iced vanilla ginger cachew espresso 02 Iced Vanilla Ginger Cashew Espresso By Bad Monkie V Blak

I’m going off track right here. Back to what I was saying at the top of this rant of a post / recipe. I’ve a new best friend in GreenChef Aria Alpert, and I wound up spending most of the day chatting and not working. I’m such a bad monkie. I know. I think that’s a constant theme since late. However she’s very intriguing and she’s been uploading up a storm, I hope everybody checks out her post / recipes and welcomes her. She’s rather spectacular and not as major as she searches in her pictures.

Now back to this iced espresso dish of mine, which I made on the fly, after attempting a few more challenging means of doing it. Oh one point I’ve to make initially, as you may have suspected now, I’m not 100 % raw. Well, to tell you the fact I do not think I ever before declared to be 100 % raw and in truth, individuals who’re regrettable adequate to get pulled into my dark warped burrow would inform you, hey this man is not raw, he’s drawing down espresso, like his life depends on it. However I’m 70 % perhaps even 80 % raw, just due to the fact that I enjoy fresh salads and green juice. I’ve salads day-to-day. I’m a vegan, so no meats or heading out to standard bistros. For the many component, I’m living quite raw. However when it pertains to espresso, I just like them and I think I like them much more now that I discovered ways to make this really V Blak initial recipe. Right here we go, time for the dish. You understood we’d get there eventually!

When making a frozen espresso beverage, you really need some kind of cream to provide it a smooth richness. You could just toss together some ice, organic sugar and some espresso shots and stop, however it simply wouldn’t be full. I know I’ve actually tried, I slouch monkie in the cooking area and I such as quick dishes. In the past I’d have reached for store bought Almond Milk or soy (not a huge follower of Soy Milk anymore). But GreenChef Jana revealed me a trick, a couple of years back, ways to make a remarkable tasting almond or cashew milk in just seconds. Her secret was to begin with Almond Butter or Cashew Butter, missing the process of soaking the nuts, slicing them up and so on. She just added the nut butter, vanilla, agave / sugar and some water in a Blendtec Blender or food processor and the magic simply took place. The most amazing tasting nut milk you’ve ever put down your throat. This gave me the concept to make the milk for my icy espressos. Which I did for a few days, that was up until yesterday. I thought, wait a minute, why make the milk and afterwards the icy drink. This takes means to much time. This can be a one step process and that’s exactly what I’ve here. A blend as soon as Iced Vanilla Cashew Ginger Espresso. So good you’ll say to hell with perfect alkaline ph, pass me an additional please. I understand Tim … Sorry I’ll try harder.

Recipe makes a single pitch.

For the Espresso Drink:

24 oz of ice

2 heaping TB of Cashew Butter

2 TB of Agave or Organic raw sugar

2 tsp. of Vanilla Extract or half of a Vanilla Bean

4 shots of Espresso

1/2 teaspoon of Sea Salt

Optional: 1 oz of Loft Organic Liqueurs – Spicy Ginger Cello or some Fresh Ginger

organic iced vanilla ginger cachew espresso 03 Iced Vanilla Ginger Cashew Espresso By Bad Monkie V Blak
organic iced vanilla ginger cachew espresso 04 Iced Vanilla Ginger Cashew Espresso By Bad Monkie V Blak

organic iced vanilla ginger cachew espresso 05 Iced Vanilla Ginger Cashew Espresso By Bad Monkie V Blak

organic iced vanilla ginger cachew espresso 06 Iced Vanilla Ginger Cashew Espresso By Bad Monkie V Blak
organic iced vanilla ginger cachew espresso 07 Iced Vanilla Ginger Cashew Espresso By Bad Monkie V Blak

Instructions: Dump every little thing into the blender or food processor and just blend till the blend looks something like snow on a muddy New York pathway, you understand that brownish slush stuff. I’ve to warn you, this takes an effective mixer. I attempted this recipe first in my Breville mixer, since I enjoy the appearance of the blender or food processor and I enjoy my Breville Juicer and other devices, however unfortunate to state, it just couldn’t do exactly what I was asking of it. I needed to switch over to the professional mixer from Blendtec (ugly but effective) and within a couple of seconds, espresso icy heaven. Attempt this recipe out, when your feeling like being a bit of a bad monkie and when you completed the whole pitcher, head over to Tims and Brendans sections and get your ass back on track! You bad extremely bad Monkie!

P.S. I’m visiting begin just publishing away and hopefully not too many of you’ll freak out and just fly G Living. Right here is a little a caution. I draw at spelling as well as typing. I can kind quickly, but half the words in my head, never ever make it on to the display. So help a monkie out, if you see any significant mistakes, simply send me a quick email. v (at) I’ll humbly repair the mistakes of my typing.:)