In This Small Kitchen: Snacking

Snacking from BGSK

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In current years, I’ve actually developed a new habit, or really the lack of one: I stopped snacking.

I discovered that I just took pleasure in all my labored-over, home-cooked meals a lot even more when I was really hungry for them. And overall my body felt better when I consumed three meals a day, not four, not 5, not 6. That’s just my take, I know there’s a substantial variety of hungers and diet plan strategies out there. (I owe you tons of disclaimers, too: I make exceptions for talented cookies, ice cream stores passed on walks, iced coffees with cream on hot afternoons. But many days, I don’t truly snack.)

Still, a girl’s got to keep her blood sugar level up. When life pushes supper into the wee hours, I make certain to feed the hunger and get the energy I require to thrust me with that pleased hour, networking occasion, or bike trip home. So what does the anti-snacker snack on?

I opt for savory over sweet, and I try for a dosage of protein: an egg, a piece of cheese, a carrot dipped in hummus. When on the go, my favorite treats are handfuls of almonds or salted peanuts. If I am going to be out and about, I constantly keep a KIND bar (tastes of selection: Peanut Butter & Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon, Macadamia Apricot) in my bag. Sometimes it will stay there for weeks up until I discover myself hurrying someplace at 6:30 pm, starving, and seriously thrilled not to have to browse the corner deli for my snacking Goldilocks, something edible, healthy, not too huge, not too small, not too junky, not too sweet.

Are you a snacker? Savory? Sweet? Are you a KIND bar aficionado too? I ‘d love to hear!