Interview: A Pro Chef Tells Us How To Make Healthy Choices at a Steakhouse, And Still Leave Stuffed

Healthy Tips For Ordering At a Steakhouse or Grill, weight loss

When I go out to eat, I’m not the kind of lady who can be delighted ordering a salad– unless that salad is more than 1,000 calories and occupied with meat, croutons and other non-salad-y like things.

I have no idea about you, however ordering out at a restaurant is a luxury I can take pleasure in at times few and far between. So when the chance does emerge (or, in many cases, I present it to myself), I like to believe huge … and open large (get your minds out of the gutter).

Last week, I visited BV’s Grill NYC, a recently-opened modern take on the traditional American Grill (given us by Joseph Smith, the restaurateur behind Bobby Van’s steakhouse), for their grand opening celebration. Including fresh fish, lobster, savory steaks and rotisserie chicken, the area resembles a death trap for your palate. And as a lady that likes to eat– both for energy, and for satisfaction– even I don’t wish to feel a steakhouse hangover (or stomach) the next day.

To keep myself in check at BV’s and for future edible adventures, I asked BV’s executive chef, Eddie Gozdz, for some pointers on how to make healthy options at a grill or steakhouse.

Gozdz suggests:

  1. If you’re purchasing steak, order filet. It’s leaner and lower in fat than a Rib Eye, New york city Strip or Skirt Steak.
  2. Lots of ladies order lamb chops instead of steak, because they are less filling and lower in fat. Rather of the lamb slice, Gozdz recommends selecting seared tuna. It’s really, really low in fat, and is typically the most affordable calorie dish on any steakhouse/grill menu.
  3. If you’re ordering salad, swap Mixed Greens for a Caesar Salad (Caesar dressing is loaded with calories).
  4. In basic, it’s finest to stay away from creamy dressings– if a salad features dressing, ask for it on the side instead.
  5. When purchasing veggies, purchase them grilled instead of sautéed. When vegetables are grilled, chefs utilize a little bit of salt and olive oil. Nevertheless, when they are sautéed, vegetables usually have a sauce, featuring way more calories as a result.

Ready to put your new understanding to contain (and your fork to your mouth)? See BV’s Grill in NYC, or beg your local grill and/or steakhouse today!