Is My Stationary Bike Good for Burning Calories?

Riding a stationary bicycle needs the use of the quadriceps muscles in your legs and the gluteal muscles of your butt. Biking will certainly burn calories depending upon the time invested exercising, the speed and the intensity. The typical American lady weighs 164.7 pounds according to the Centers for Disease control and Prevention. An average American female biking on a stationary bike for one hour will burn an estimated 595 calories according to the American Council on Workout.

Body Weight

The heavier you are, the more calories you burn at rest according to the Mayo Clinic site. A person weighing 250 pounds would burn 907 calories in one hour biking at twelve to thirteen miles per hour compared with 595 calories for a lady of average weight. If the speed is used up to sixteen to nineteen miles per hour, the 250-pound individual would burn 1361 calories and the 167-pound lady would burn 909 calories in an hour.


The more time you invest on the stationary bike, the more calories you’ll burn. While riding for thirty minutes, the typical 167 pound woman will burn 454 calories as compared to the 595 calories burned in one hour. The American College of Sports Medicine suggests thirty minutes a day of cardiovascular workout 5 days a week to prevent disease and to maintain health. The college suggests sixty to ninety minutes for calorie burning.


Apart from the basic upright bike, you can get stationary bikes that have handlebars efficient in moving at different speeds and intensities. These bikes have actually been shown to burn more calories per session than the conventional upright bike. Recumbent bikes have bucket kind seats that permit you to lean back on a back rest while biking. This position permits you to engage your stomach muscles and make use of the calf bone muscles more while cycling.


Once you feel comfy using a stationary bike alone, think about signing up with an indoor cycling class. The courses include differed regimens and intensities to keep things intriguing. The American Council on Exercise suggests that you wear cushioned shorts to shield you from any pain, and bring a large bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout of the exercise session.

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