Is Sushi Healthy?

Nowadays, substantial number of grownups handle concerns of weight loss, nutrition, and wellness. It’s not surprising that that different and sundry diet regimen strategies have become part of popular culture. Dr. Atkins is well-known, and who has not become aware of a reduced carb diet? There’s even a cookie diet plan. With our weight problem so interwoven with our culture, it may be smart to look towards various other cultures that don’t exhibit these troubles. It would not be worthwhile to try to find answers in agrarian societies. Obviously, revamping our entire economy around weight-loss and healthy is not really most likely. So, let us review other countries with similar economies.

How about Japan? The small island country is definitely a high tech, service oriented economy similar to our own. Nevertheless, aside from the Sumo wrestler, the Japanese aren’t thought of as suffering from a weight issue.

Let us beginning by looking at the ultimate Japanese meals: Sushi. Is sushi healthy? Sushi includes small portions of rice (carbohydrates) and fish. Fish is virtually pure protein. While some fish is fatty, most fish isn’t. Low fat fish includes tuna, albacore, halibut, red-snapper, and shellfish.

Although, some sushi can be fattening. Avoid rolls with mayonnaise or any other component that consists of filled fat, such as Philly rolls or tempura rolls. Stick with the easy, standard rolls composed of rice and fish.


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In terms of the rice in sushi, the smaller sized the amount of rice, the better. It’s the logic behind the low carb diet regimen. Carbohydrate rich meals have a high amount of calories for the mass eaten. In other words, the exact same amount of high carbohydrate food yields numerous even more calories than the exact same quantity of protein.

It’s also worthy to note that green tea is often served with sushi. There’s a lot of buzz out there about the amazing residential properties of green tea. As it pertains to weight control, there’s some evidence that green tea inhibits fat digestion by changing digestion enzymes.

So, could sushi be the trick to Japanese weight control? The food stabilizes reasonable carbs with a low-fat, high protein fish. Undoubtedly, there are lots of other factors, however eating sushi certainly cannot hurt.