Is Your Blood Type the Key to Weight Loss?

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Is Your Blood Type the Secret to Losing Weight?

According to Peter J. D’Adamo, ND, the author of Eat Right for Your Kind: The Individualized Diet plan Option to Staying Healthy, Living Longer and Getting Your Ideal Weight, there’s no diet plan that’ll work for everyone. In reality, D’Adamo thinks that the type of diet plan you follow is identified by something: your blood group. D’Adamo has published a New york city Times-best selling book laying out precisely what individuals with a specific blood type should consume, but is dieting based on blood group truly the secret keeping you from losing that undesirable weight?

The science behind the “blood group diet” focuses on lectins, or carbohydrate-binding proteins found in food, and how they’re absorbed. D’ Adamo states that these lectins are digested differently based upon an individual’s blood group and can cause negative results when mistakenly eaten. These adverse effects include inflammation, bloating, slower metabolic rate, as well as serious illness such as cancer.

D’ Adamo proposed certain diet plans based on your blood group. For instance, Type O-people are encouraged to consume mostly animal products with limited milk and wheat, while Type A-people are motivated to follow a vegetarian diet plan with an emphasis on fresh, natural meals. Type B-people have a more tolerant digestive system and therefore don’t have an optimal diet, while Kind AB-people prosper on a combination of the Type A and Type B diets.

So what’s the judgment on dieting for your blood type? Although D’ Adamo declares he’s done comprehensive research to show his theory, the link in between blood group and dieting isn’t well supported and published human clinical trials to show his theory are missing. Some individuals have actually found success when following these suggestions, but there’s no stating whether that can be attributed to consuming what’s right for your blood type or merely consuming healthier. The diet plan recommended for Type-O people has particularly come under examination, as it isn’t particularly healthy or balanced.

What it all comes down to is that there’s no “one size fits all” diet plan that’ll miraculously assist you lose your undesirable weight. D’ Adamo can be praised for motivating different individuals to eat exactly what works for them, as every person is different and will prosper on different approaches. Nevertheless, following diet plans based on blood group won’t ensure outcomes and couldn’t be the trump card to losing weight.

A better method to drop weight is to focus on your habits that make it tough for you to manage your calorie intake. Eating out too much? Nighttime noshing? Mindlessly eating? Our guidance: Skip the blood type and concentrate on your behaviors.

-Erin McHenry

Erin is a dietetics student at the College of Arizona and an Appetite for Health intern.

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