Is Your Mate Turning You into a Heavyweight?

Many ladies report weight gain after relocating with a boyfriend, fiancé or spouse. Does this actually occur? Is it a misconception?

Couple Dining Out

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According to current researches conducted at the University of North Carolina and Ohio State University, women DO have the tendency to fatten when they begin coping with a guy. In reality, the results of the UNC research, which were published in the July 2009 concern of Excessive weight, suggest that ladies cohabitating for 5 years or fewer face a 63 % boost in weight problems danger.

Grow your relationship, not your waist, when you move in with Mr. Right.


What’re the reasons behind ladies’s post-nesting pudge? Some researchers state that when women spend even more time at house with their mates, they tend to shift towards eating even more and exercising less. (Be careful of those upcoming comfy fall and winter season nights when the TV and ice cream appear truly enticing.) Women are usually the more health-conscious partners in a relationship therefore if men affect them, it’s normally in the adverse direction. (We excuse those guys who consume better and move more than we do!)

But by staying with their routines and embracing even healthier ones, women can stay clear of relationship weight gain by remaining concentrated on good routines such as these:

  • Bring him into the wellness fold. Be the healthy-lifestyle LEADER in your relationship.
  • Men commonly take their wellness hints and practices from women, so welcome him to join you in becoming healthy and in shape. (And compliment his development to keep him going!)
  • Pick some fitness tasks that you both enjoy or find new ones that you BOTH delight in enough to do them together regularly.
  • Eat the quantity of food you need, not the amount HE requires.
  • Learn the number of calories that each of you needs in a day to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. ( is an excellent website for this.) Then follow advised part sizes and stay within your calorie restrictions.
  • Pledge to support, and not sabotage, one another’s consuming and physical fitness habits.
  • Scientists have found out that partners who support and urge each various other in terms of diet and fitness routines are more successful at accomplishing their goals than people who try to “go it alone.”
  • Do not become a drinking buddy.
  • It’s simple to break open a beer or more (or three …) with your man, specifically after dinner in front of the TV. He’ll such as unwinding the method he made use of to and will most likely appreciate your company. Your waist will soon reveal these extra calories.
  • Limit yourself to a beverage a day or much better yet, if you’d such as to have a drink, go out for it and make it a date. Paying restaurant prices for every beverage (times 2!) need to curb both of your desires to overindulge.
  • Promise to assist each various other alleviate tension rather of stressing each various other out. Keep in mind, stress alone can contribute to weight gain.
  • If you need your hour at the fitness center at nights, let your partner understand it and keep up your regular. If he feels excluded, welcome him to come along.
  • If your beau requires similar time to de-stress and remain healthy, support him, and join him at any time he welcomes your business.

This post was written by Christen Cupples Cooper, MS, RD

( and @ CooperNutrition on Twitter.