Job Making You Fat? 3 Ways to Fight Back!

I love my job. I get to review, write, and discuss how to stay healthy and healthy for a living. However due to the fact that I am looking into, talking with various other nourishment professionals, and writing about health and wellness for many of the day – all which are inactive activities – it can be a bit tough to actually stay fit and healthy. Sitting at a job for hours at a time can put you at threat of the dreaded JOB BALL. You understand – those additional inches and pounds that magically appear while you’re entering, speaking on the phone, sitting in an all-day conference, and well, just doing your task. Let us face it, all of us need to make a living. If you think your task may be making you fat, giving up most likely is not the very best option. However there ARE things you can do every day to eliminate job ball. Below are my leading ideas:


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The Lunchtime Quickie. No, not that kind of quickie! (Although that will absolutely burn some calories too – so if you can get that at lunch- go to it!). I am talking about a quick 15-minute brisk stroll. Walking is one of your finest tools to combat on-the-job blob. A 15-minute stable walk can burn about 50 calories. That mightn’t sound like much, however a couple of walking breaks a day can keep pounds from packing on. A 15-minute walk will not cause you to work up a sweat, however you will add over an hour of exercise every work week if you do this regularly. Plus a couple of minutes of downtime may decrease stress and might keep you from mindless munching at the workplace.

2) If you are the boss, call a walking meeting. And if you are a plain underling, recommend one. When I made use of to work ‘in the cube’, I’d ask to have a walking meeting rather of a seated one. Sure, sometimes you’ve to sit and watch a slide discussion. But many meetings conveniently provide themselves to walking and chatting. You’ll feel better, get more exercise and who understands – all that blood streaming through your brain may just help you create a dazzling idea that gets you a raise!

– Katherine