Love Chocolate? Make Chocolate!


I actually do like brown! Delicious chocolate has actually consistently been a big component of my life and also several of my earliest youth memories are of making and eating brown as a youngster in South America. Delicious chocolate does have lots of negative elements, commercially created confectionaries are high in hydrogenated fats, sugar, soya lecithin, additives, preservatives, and really little real cocoa material– the only little bit that is really great for us. There are additionally moral concerns associating with the sourcing of cocoa: it’s not consistently very easy to make certain the brown you consume comes from ranches where there is no youngster exploitation or dishonest working conditions.

But in 2008, I found that you can make tasty browns on your own that are high in cacao content (practically 100 percent cacao) and also devoid of dairy products, processed sugars, gluten, soya ingredients, and shame! Raw delicious chocolate made from organic raw cacao powder as well as butter is the easiest way to take pleasure in brown that is in fact good for us (minimally processed cacao is high in antioxidant flavanols, magnesium, vitamins B, C and also E, and also vital heart healthy and balanced fat).

After months of making raw chocolates for my buddies and also household and also establishing easy recipes, I decided this was also good to maintain to myself and in 2009 established CHOC Chick (yes I once wanted to be a ‘Stone Chick’, so this is the following best point). I desired to do points as fairly as possible and also travelled to Ecuador to resource natural cacao components from cooperatives where I could possibly confirm that simply natural farming techniques are made use of and ethical work disorders are practised.

By 2010, my range of one-of-a-kind delicious chocolate making kits (CHOC Chick Starter, CHOC Chick Master as well as our popular CHOC Chicos Package) along with our natural raw cacao butter and natural raw cacao powder were offered in stores across the U.K., consisting of John Lewis Meals Halls as well as Whole Foods Market U.K., as well as now you can locate CHOC Chick products at Whole Foods Market in the U.S.A. (North Atlantic region) and in Holland and also Barrett establishments as part of their brand-new Devoid of product range.

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CHOC Chick Kits include organic raw cacao powder, organic raw cacao butter, a natural sweetener made from fruit (Sweet Liberty made from apples, grapes, and also carob), and basic recipes, to ensure that any individual who loves brown can make decadently healthy raw chocolates.