Our Monday Salad, A Green Bean, Rocket, Peach and Fig Salad With A Raspberry and Balsamic Vinegar Dressing Salad..

Green bean fig salad 01 Our Monday Salad, A Green Bean, Rocket, Peach & Fig Salad With A Raspberry & Balsamic Vinegar Dressing Salad..

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This is V here: It’s Monday and beginning today and ending today we’ll upload a new salad every Monday. And now on to Alice’s dish:

Fast, super-easy, hearty and full of tastes, this is the ideal salad for the late-summer, early-fall season. Refreshing and satisfying, colorful and stylish, this fruit and vegetable salad works extremely well as a light lunch however you can definitely serve it at a supper celebration, simply make certain you prepare it right prior to serving time as the vegetables -and fruits- can get too soaked. The main elements of this dish are common summer fruits -such as fresh white peaches, figs and raspberries- that are generally eaten on their own or in a fruit salad. Here, I combine them with green beans, rocket and fresh natural herbs -thyme and chives- and the result is a delicious, sweet and sour salad which is a wonderful feast of tastes and structures, stunning to look at but likewise helpful for your wellness.

Balsamic vinegar matches all the various fruity and herby tastes.

For the Salad

3 handfuls fresh green beans, ends trimmed (plus filtered water and a pinch of whole sea salt, to cook them)

4-5 fresh, ripe but firm figs

4 handfuls of rocket

2 small, ripe but firm white peaches

add thyme sprigs, and chives, to taste at the very end, as a garnish

For the Dressing

8 tbsps extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp ground mustard

7 tsps agave syrup

8 tsps balsamic vinegar

whole sea salt, simply enough to taste

2-3 handfuls of fresh, ripe raspberries

1. Cook the beans in boiling water for 6-8 minutes (don’t overcook them).
2. Drain, rinse under running water, pat dry with some cooking area paper if essential, move into a salad bowl and let cool (initially at space temperature level, then in the refrigerator).
3. Location all the dressing components except the raspberries in a container with a tight-fitting cover and shake well.
4. Add the raspberries, shake a bit even more and cool until ready to serve.
5. When the green beans are entirely cold, you can continue making the salad.
6. Wash and trim the figs then cut them into wedges.
7. Wash the rocket and pat dry it with some paper towel.
8. Wash the peach and slice it, getting rid of the stone.
9. Include the figs, rocket and peach to the salad bowl where you formerly put the green beans.
10. Toss and mix, sprinkle with the dressing, garnish with the thyme and chives and serve.