See Ya Later, Spaghetti: 18 Non-Pasta Vegetarian Mains

Lentil Burgers from Big Girls, Small Kitchen

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I eat a lot of vegetarian meals, although I am not a vegetarian. Specifically throughout the summertime, when weekends include barbecuing sausages, burgers, and hot pets, I gravitate to grains, beans, and salads for some balance throughout the week.

Yet I am typically guilty of running to the cabinet for pasta when I visit make a meatless meal. Numerous of the most gratifying vegetarian suppers are based on lasagna, linguine, and orzo, however other grains and vegetables can be the beginning point too. I thought I ‘d share inspiration for pasta-free vegetarian suppers good enough to serve to guests, and the BGSK archives yielded a ton of options I hope you’ll take pleasure in. (Note: despite being pasta-less, some however not all of these mains are gluten-free.)

** Vegetarian Mains, Hold the Pasta **

1. Seared Pepper Tacos with Pintos and Avocado Crema. A combination of spicy peppers and onions and home-cooked pinto beans makes these vegan tacos hearty and healthy. Always remember the avocado crema-that’s trick.

2. Middle Eastern Carrot Tacos. We go fusion below, bringing carrots dressed with spices and herbs to the center of a cheesy taco. And, look, there’s avocado on top of these, too! (How could I not?)

3. Fried Rice with Shiitakes and Cashews. Fried rice utilized to be a meal made out of leftovers. Now I cook rice exactly for the function of mixing it with mushrooms, cashews, and rushed eggs for this filling, simple main dish.

4. Sweet-and-Sour Tofu with Bok Choy. This dish, which initially came from a reader, hits an ideal balance of sweet, appetizing, and filling. Joined bok choy and rice, this one meal produces a total vegetarian meal.

5. Quinoa with Roasted Tomatoes, Avocado, and Pesto. The quinoa salad fills a requirement in my diet plan for something fast, not too heavy, and delicious, particularly in the summertime when grain salads rule the picnic basket. This version integrates all my favorite ingredients, from roasted tomatoes to great smelling pesto.

6. Roasted Caponata Salad with Chickpeas & Goat Cheese. Chopping veggies to the same size as chickpeas makes this little vegetable toss as cosmetically pleasing as it’s scrumptious. Serve big bowls topped with goat cheese.

7. Smoky Red Lentil Burgers. I always have lentils around in containers that never ever seem to empty. These hamburgers are more refined than my common lentil preparation-a stewy soup-thanks to a dosage of smoked paprika and a pretty presentation inside toasted pitas.

8. White Bean Burgers with Pesto, Tomato, and Roasted Eggplant Spread. The crispy outsides of these hamburgers pairs gorgeously with their summer season accompaniments: eggplant, pesto, and thickly cut tomatoes.

9. Swiss Chard Turnovers with Parmesan and Pistachios. Like empanadas, these little turnovers are easily composed your hand for on-the-go eating. Alongside a huge salad, two or 3 are an excellent light dinner.

10. Extra-large Mozzarella Arepas with Summer Veggies. Even after a decade of enjoying arepas, the procedure of turning masa harina (par-cooked finely ground corn flour) into these dense, crunchy corn cakes still amazes me with its simplicity. On top of the crispy, cheesy cakes, I pile an easy spring vegetable sauté.

11. New York Corn Chowder with Tarragon. Corn chowder is better without any cream or milk, and this light and herb-filled bowl is the best recipe to show it. When corn is in season, I could not request a much better dinner than a big mug of this sweet goodness.

12. Truly Good Veggie Soup. I searched everywhere for the best veggie soup recipe, and I finally found it in Peru. To make this unequivocally filling, include handfuls of quinoa and chickpeas to the end of cooking.

13. Sweet Potato & Caramelized Onion Frittata. Sliced sweet potatoes and slow-cooked onions (both easily made ahead of time) turn the traditional frittata into a farmers’ market affair with a whiff of the breakfast-for-dinner ambiance.

14. Crispy Potatoes with Baked Eggs and Pesto Yogurt. Considering that hash browns are practically the very best meals ever, I see no reason not to serve them at supper in addition to breakfast. This one-skillet supper is totally homey and a little gourmet.

15. Zucchini & Tomato Curry. The scent of browning mustard seeds and scorching zucchini’ll fill your apartment with the aroma of India and the satisfaction of using just seasonal ingredients. A cool dollop of yogurt round off the dish.

16. Vegetarian African Peanut Stew. For all you peanut butter lovers, don’t stop consuming spoonfuls simply due to the fact that it’s supper time. Combined with veggies and served over rice, this African stew does not disappoint.

17. Tortilla Espanola. Potatoes and eggs in another kind, this standard Spanish tapas can be made ahead and consumed space temperature level or cold, a perk when you are amusing.

18. Baked Spaghetti Squash with Tomato and Ricotta. Let us end with the return of spaghetti-only in the gluten-free, unprocessed type of pastas squash! This dish gets heft from delicious tomato sauce and plenty of ricotta.