Simple summer snacks for kids

The following post from the archives was composed by editor Kara Fleck. It initially appeared in June of 2011.

The days are expanding longer and hotter. This time of year, my household wants to to consume things that are lighter and I don’t wish to spend a great deal of time in a hot kitchen preparing a snack. The quicker we can get back to the Summer season enjoyable, the better! This is the time to enjoy while it lasts, afterall.

At our house, during the warmer months, I’ve two essences that I fall back on for basic Summer snacks for the kids: the muffin tin of ‘nibbles’ and popsicles.

The muffin tin of “nibbles”

Setting out a muffin tray of bite-sized treats for the kids to nibble on is something that goes back to my own childhood. My mother made use of to prepare a muffin tin of treats on Friday evenings and leave it in the fridge for us to assist ourselves to on Sunday early mornings (so that she might oversleep one day a week, that sensible female).

At our house, a muffin tin, or ‘nibble’ tray, is generally our mid-morning treat. Though, I’ll confess that occasionally on active days, the muffin tins gets refilled and becomes lunch, too.

What I consist of in the muffin tin varies according to what fruits and veggies and bite-sized snacks that we’ve on hand. Sometimes I consist of something sweet like chocolate chips or vanilla wafers.

Here is a common example of what I consist of for my 3 table food eaters to share:

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A Recent Muffin Tin Snack:

Rice chips, almonds, chocolate chips

cherry tomatoes, strawberries, Colby Jack cheese,

popcorn, Pink Woman apple slices

Smoothie popsicles

We’ve a smoothie mix virtually every day, year round. I’ve actually found that this is a basic means for me, not just to obtain some additional fruit into the children, but also to sneak in some spinach or kale for an extra healthy boost. We’ve a various colored smoothie mix, in a rainbow, for every day of the week.

For warmer days, when we’re outside, I turn our smoothie mix mixes into popsicles. For Summertime popsicles, I just blend every little thing up in the morning, as I generally would for our afternoon treat, then I pour it into a popsicle mold and freeze. They’re normally ready in the afternoons for us to enjoy.

Here are a few of our favorite blends:

  • blueberries, handful of child green spinach, frozen banana, splash of orange juice
  • frozen cherries (no pits), yogurt, small handful of infant spinach
  • banana, applesauce, yogurt
  • orange juice, banana, yogurt

And, obviously, much of our Summer snacking includes deals with of the kind we pluck from the strawberry or tomato plants and pop into our mouths, warm from the sun.

What’re some of your children’ favored Summertime treats? How do you keep snacking basic and light during the hotter days of the year?