Stop What You're Doing Right Now And Make This Easy Green Smoothie

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I’m sure you’ve watched Dr. Oz and I make certain you have actually checked out all the articles. Buuuuut you still cannot seem to choke down that green smoothie mix in the morning. I understand the feeling, I utilized to be you. I wager the thought of drinking your vegetables really makes your stomach turn. Have no fear, with a couple of simple components, you will certainly be on the roadway to healthy smoothie success in no time.

I have a recipe that I prefer to advise to those who wish to start. It’s quick and simple to make with active ingredients that are easily offered. It’s packed with protein, natural energy and leafy greens to slip your veggies in for breakfast. Everything beginnings with natural spinach, an entire banana, peanut butter, and a few blueberries. From there, the mixes are limitless.


With all the talk about kale nowadays, we have the tendency to forget about Popeye’s preferred food. For newbies, kale can be very bitter and extreme on your taste buds, whereas spinach is a lot easier to mask.

Consider this dish your entrance smoothie. Before you understand it, you will certainly be mixing carrots and pecans together for that ‘carrot cake’ taste. Or, possibly even pineapples, tahini sauce and cayenne pepper for that morning ‘choose me up.’ When you truly get brave, you can venture into the world of raw beets. Exactly what? Too soon? Bear in mind, these easy ingredients can be modified and changed out for many different alternatives. You can utilize watercress, cucumbers, celery, as well as zucchini if you would like.

Besides the obvious advantages of eating more vegetables, this recipe even functions as a hangover remedy. We’ve all had nights that make our mornings rough to cope with. And when you awaken, you’re craving a pork egg roll and cheese (I’m from New Jersey– leave me alone.) However, the reality is, a smoothie mix is an amazing way to start over. It can rehydrate your system and provide nutrients you might have lost the night prior to. It’s likewise simpler for your stomach to digest when it’s had a bumpy ride digesting liquor the last several hours.


Be sure to check out this beginner green smoothie for morning meal the next time you desire a jump start in the morning. It’s a great method to include a serving of vegetables to your daily consumption. Since according to the Harvard School of Public Health, you require nine servings in a day. One down, eight more to go …


1 banana
1 serving of peanut butter (almond butter)
Quarter cup of blueberries (strawberries)
Handful of spinach
8 ounces of liquid (option of water, almond milk, soy, cows … etc)
Several ice cubes


Place all components in the mixer and turn it on! Easy, right?